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Housing benefit - review 


We review Housing Benefit to make sure you are receiving the correct amount.


How often will my claim be reviewed?
Your claim will be reviewed on a random basis. Some claimants may have their benefit reviewed every 6 months, others may be once a year.


We review claims to ensure that the benefit in payment is correct. If your claim has been selected for review, the benefit section will contact you by making either a notified visit or sending you a form through the post.


What will happen at a visit?
An officer will visit your home and complete the review form for you in your presence. The officer must see original documents to back up your claim.

Please note our visiting officers always carry a picture identification as part of their accreditation.


What do I do with the form I have received through the post?
You must answer all the questions asked on the form for both yourself and for your partner, this includes civil partnerships and provide original documentation and evidence to support your claim. You must return the form within a calendar month of it being sent to you or your benefit may be suspended.


What documents will be required?

  • If you are privately renting will be need to see your current tenancy agreement or rent book
  • If you are in receipt of any state benefit other than Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (Income Based), Employment and Support Allowance (Income Based) and Guaranteed Pension Credit then you must provide your letter of award.
  • If you are working you must provide your most recent and consecutive payslips (5 if paid weekly, 3 if fortnightly and 2 if monthly). If you do not receive payslips ask your employer to complete the Certificate of Earned Income which is available in the documents list
  • If you are self employed you must provide the latest audited accounts of the business or complete a self employed form. The form is available in the documents list 
  • If you are in receipt of any other income you must provide any other relevant documentary evidence of amounts being received, e.g. retirement pension notice, personal pension award notice, student grant award or loan notice, maintenance payments, child tax/working tax credit award letter.
  • You must also provide the last 2 months bank statements for all bank and building society accounts held, any bank or building society pass books, share certificates or national saving certificates.
  • If you are paying childcare costs for your child, please provide documentary evidence from your childcare provider.


What evidence do I need for any non dependant's income?
You will need to provide documentary evidence of their income such as;

  • If they are working we will require their latest 5 weekly, 3 fortnightly or 2 monthly payslips
  • If they receive state benefits we will need to see their current award letter

What happens next?

We will assess your claim and make any necessary changes. If we have made any changes to your claim then you will receive an award letter approximately 7 –14 days after we have carried out our assessment. The award letter will show the new amount of benefit we shall be paying.


What if I don't return the review form or allow a visit to be carried out?
If you don't return your review form or allow a visit to be carried out, your Housing Benefit may be cancelled.



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