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Mayor - general information 


Mayor 2013-2014

Councillor Graham Davies


Councillor Graham Davies was inaugurated to the office of Mayor of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil on 15th May 2013. He has represented the Town Electoral Ward since May 2012. Graham lives in Penydarren Park with his wife Mari. They have three children Mark, Nigel and Jane, three grandchildren and one great granddaughter.


As First Citizen of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil, Councillor Davies’ duties include chairing full meetings of the Council and representing the Council at formal and ceremonial occasions within the County Borough, regionally, nationally and internationally. He welcomes visitors to the County Borough and attends and supports events organised by local people and organisations.


During his year of office, the Mayor will be busy raising funds for his chosen local charities, which are Macmillan Cancer Support & Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil


All funds raised will go towards the wonderful work these charities have already undertaken in our County Borough. Macmillan Cancer Support with their nurses and magnificent new unit at Prince Charles Hospital and Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil with teams of volunteer, drivers together with their advisers, therapists and counsellors who have greatly contributed to caring and supporting both patients and families in our County Borough. All monies raised will be used solely for the benefit of our communities and we look forward to working closely with both charities during our mayoral year.


Graham works with the Heritage Trust, also with Hope Chapel where he is an Elder and is a volunteer with Cancer Aid; he is also involved with the Cyfarthfa Museum Group. For the last 45 years Graham has made Merthyr Tydfil his home and cares deeply about its people, its heritage and its future.



Mayor’s Chain

It has always been the assumption that the Mayor’s Chain and Medallion, is made from pure gold, mined in North Wales.

The Regalia used at the Investiture of Prince Edward at Caernarfon Castle in 1911, (comprising of Chaplet, Ring, Verge and Clasp) was also made from the same gold, as was the wedding ring of the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Prince Charles, Princess Diana and most recently Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.


Source of the Gold

Pritchard Morgan was born in Monmouthshire in 1844 and emigrated to Australia in 1864.  There he qualified as a Barrister, and fought two unsuccessful elections for a seat on the Queensland Assembly.  Whilst in Australia he took an active part in many gold mining ventures.

On his return to this country he divided his time between Gold Mining in Merioneth and the House of Commons where he sat as a Liberal Member for Merthyr Tydfil and Aberdare, his fellow Member being the Late Lord Rhondda.  Later losing his seat to Keir Hardie.

The mine, later called the Prince Edward Mine, north east of Trawsfynydd, was worked up to 1911 when the gold was purchased by Pritchard Morgan and presented to the Crown.  As an M.P. for Merthyr Tydfil during the time that efforts were made to obtain Borough status, it seems fairly safe to assume that this is how the Mayoral Chain was made of this gold.  The Medallion was designed by Sir W. Gascoine John R. A. (As was the 1911 Investiture Regalia).    The chain and medallion weighs just short of 2 lbs in weight.  The medallion includes the Borough Coat of Arms, an enamel inset of Cyfarthfa Iron Works, an enamel inset of Trevithicks Engine, the Prince of Wales Feathers and Coat of Arms of the Old Welsh Prince Owain Glyndwr plus a large ruby.

Most past Mayors had had their names and year of office inscribed on various parts of the Chain.  Space is now limited there being only the links giving any further spaces.

On Civic Occasions, the Chain is worn broadly across the chest tied on the shoulders with red braid.  For other functions it now has an added gold link chain, supporting it across the back of the neck.


Mayoress Chain

The Late Lord Camrose presented this dainty chain to the council in 1935. 


Lord Camrose, one of the famous men of the Borough, was the son of the late J. M. Berry, Merthyr Tydfil. 


His brother, Lord Buckland instituted the Buckland Trust.


His Brother, Lord Kemsley on receiving the Freedom of the Borough, presented the Mayor and Members of the Corporation with a complete set of Civic Robes.

In 1935, the Mayoress to the late David Davies, Treharris, was Miss Mary Edwards, Treharris and a member of the teaching profession. 

The Merthyr N. U. T. added an additional cross-link to the Chain, with an enamel circle, bearing the word “Mayoress”.

The Chain which has over the years been “mounted” on blue velvet is made up of twenty eight gold roses and small medallions linked together with gold chain, ending in a medallion bearing the Coat of Arms of the County Borough.


Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council Coat of Arms

The description of the County Borough Arms granted the 17th August 1906, is as follows:-


‘Azure a figure representing Saint Tydfil the Martyr, in Chief Two Crosses patee fitchee all Or’.


Upon becoming a Borough the Corporation commissioned Sir Goscombe John R. A. to design a Coat of Arms.  The motto ‘Nid Cadarn ond Brodyrdde’  is taken from an Old Welsh manuscript, ‘The Sayings of the Wise’ and means ‘Not force but Fellowship’.  There is nothing so strong as the bonds of brotherhood.


Merthyr Tydfil owes its name to the daughter of a 5th Century Chieftain, Tydfil and her family were massacred by a band of marauding Picts and it is generally believed that she died on the site of the Parish Church, which bears her name.  The shrine of St. Tydfil the Martyr soon became a place of Christian pilgrimage and as the years passed by a village grew up around it.


The Borough Coat of Arms bears a likeness of St. Tydfil as the central motif. The distaff she is bearing in her hands signifies the industrial history of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil, and the daggers are meant to remind us of how she met her death.


Tydfil was the daughter of Brychan, a Welsh Lord who had been converted to Christianity.  One of her brothers, Cadoc, became the Patron Saint of Brittany.


Please see the List of Past Mayor of Merthyr Tydfil for a full history dating back to 1905. 


Past Mayors


Mayor 2012-2013

Mayor 2011-2012

Mayor 2010-2011

Mayor 2009-2010

Mayor 2008-2009

Mayor 2007-2008 


Mayor 2012 - 2013

Councillor Lisa Mytton

Councillor Lisa Mytton, was inaugurated to the office of Mayor of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil on 16th May 2012, she has represented the Vaynor Electoral Ward since May 2008. Lisa lives in Cefn Coed with her husband Philip and their two children James and Beth. As well as spending time with her family, Lisa supports her children’s schools as a member of the PTA, enjoys organising local activities for residents and is a keen dog lover, supporting organisations that rescue animals.


As First Citizen of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil, Councillor Mytton’s duties include chairing full meetings of the Council and representing the Council at formal and ceremonial occasions in the County Borough, regionally, nationally and internationally. She welcomes visitors to the County Borough and attends and supports events organised by local people and organisations.

During her year of office, the Mayor will be busy raising funds for her chosen local charity, which is Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil.



The Past Mayor and Consort 2012 – 2013 would like to announce that during their year in office a grand total of £39,617.93 has been raised between the Mayor’s Office and the Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil. We would like to thank all the sponsors and residents of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil for their support and generosity.


Mayor 2011-2012

Councillor Paul Brown 

Councillor Paul Brown was born in 1953, raised and lived all of his life in Merthyr Tydfil apart from his time at College and a short time in his first job in Hertfordshire from 1973 to 1977. Paul was educated at Penydarren Junior School, County Grammar school and onto Cyfarthfa High School to study “A” levels. He went onto study at Trinity College, Carmarthen where he qualified as a teacher and youth and community worker.


He took up employment with Mid Glamorgan County Council in 1977 as a full time youth worker, he remained in this area of work and took early retirement as a Senior Youth Officer last year after 33 years working with young people.


During the latter years of his work  he was a founder member of a young peoples Counselling service in RCT that is still operating and known as Eye To Eye Counselling Service recognised by the Welsh Assembly as an exemplor of good practice. He was also the Chairperson of Welsh County Youth Sports Association later becoming Youth Events Wales for seven years, during this time Mid Glamorgan Youth Services Association were National Youth Sports champions in a whole range of sports.



During the time of working for Mid Glamorgan County Council, Paul became a qualified football coach and referee whilst at College and went on to later officiate in the Football League at Division one in 1988, now the Premier League, he also was one of the first to earn the new status of FIFA linesman in 1992 to officiate at games in Europe and on the International stage. His refereeing career was unfortunately brought to a premature end as a result of a serious car accident in 1990 when returning from a Football League Conference in Harrogate. He then carried out refereeing assessing for the then Dr Martens League where Merthyr FC used to play. He held a number of regional posts in administering referees education and training for South Wales and the South West of England and was highly thought of in the world of Welsh and English football.


Paul is a keen environmentalist and is known locally for his sterling work against opencast mining on the Rhydycar West site, taking up the cause in 1995. He was instrumental in the establishing of Merthyr Tydfil Anti Opencast Campaign group where he still remains as secretary.The commitment over the past 15 years has brought its rewards where everyone is able to see first hand the value of this long battle resulting with Council now supporting the Campaigns objectives. Indeed the blue print for the future of Rhydycar West to become a potential World Heritage site is now slowly becoming more of a reality.


It was as result of this work that Paul became interested in local politics and became a Councillor in 2004 and has represented the residents of Cyfarthfa Ward for the last 7 years. Paul has also been a Governor of Heolgerrig School for over 22 years and Chair for the last 5 years where he has overseen the build of the new Community School.

Paul is happily married to Katherine and they have a son Jamie - attending Cyfarthfa High School studying A Level in Engineering, Art and Geography -  and two daughters, Rhiannon, who is Heolgerrig Community School Secretary and Stephanie who after attending University and obtaining her Law Degree and then Masters in Planning now works for Blaenau Gwent in Planning Enforcement. They also have one grandaughter, Chloe, whom also attends Cyfarthfa High School. Both Katherine and Paul’s parents, who have lived in Merthyr Tydfil for all of their lives, along with their family are extremely proud of the honour proposed both for Cllr Paul Brown and his wife Katherine as Mayor and Mayoress.

Katherine is a Senior Pharmacy Technician in Prince Charles Hospital where she has worked for over 27 years after working in retail.
They both hope to be good ambassadors for the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil as its First Citizens.


Paul and Katherine have chosen Macmillan Cancer Support as their Charity for the coming year. Any funds raised will go towards the local group who have the task of now meeting revenue costs to staff the new Cancer Unit at Prince Charles Hospital. They chose McMillan over a number of deserving Charities due to the extremely kind and grateful anecdotes told by local patients whom are benefiting from the new Unit. They wanted to support local services for local people, particularly those who are unfortunate to be afflicted by this terrible disease. To be able to receive exhausting treatment locally and not have to travel long distances is a huge burden reduced for these poor people. They also wish to recognise the dedicated work of all of the staff at the Unit and look forward to working with the local McMillan Fund raising Committee over the coming year.



The Past Mayor and Mayoress 2011 – 2012  would like to announce that during their year in office a grand total of £64,763.81  has been raised between the Mayor’s Office and the Macmillan Cancer Support Merthyr Tydfil Committee.  All the money raised will go the Macmillan Cancer Unit at PCH.  We would like to thank all the sponsors and residents of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil for their support and generosity.


Mayor 2010-2011

Councillor Clive Tovey

Clive was born in Cwmbran and went to West Monmouth School in Pontypool.  He initially did a Degree in Pharmacy at Manchester University.


As he wanted to see some of the World Clive went to Australia in 1981 and worked as a Pharmacist in such places as Kalgoorlie, Alice Springs and Thursday Island.


After 18 months in Australia he did a Master's Degree in Pharmacy at Queensland University, Brisbane. He subsequently studied medicine at Queensland University.  After qualifying as a doctor he left Surfer's Paradise in January 1989 and started work a few days later in Prince Charles Hospital.


After leaving Merthyr Tydfil he worked around the UK (mainly in South Wales) and qualified as an A & E Consultant in 1996. He returned to Merthyr Tydfil to work as an A & E Consultant in November 2000 in Prince Charles Hospital.
Clive was first elected as a Councillor for the Vaynor Ward in 2004 and now represents the citizens of the Gurnos Ward on the council.



Mayor 2009-2010

Councillor Glenn Price

Councillor Glenn Price represents the Treharris Ward. He was elected as an Independent in 2004 for the first time and again in 2008 and worked on several committees over this time including Integrated Children’s Services, Planning, Licensing, Appeals, South Wales Fire and Rescue Authority plus several other outside bodies.

Councillor Glenn Price was born in Quakers Yard and is married to Marion and has two children. Sheridan who is an Engineer for Panasonic and Julian who works for British Airways. Glenn has one Grandchild Emily.

He was educated at Woodlands Primary school, Quakers Yard, Treharris Secondary Modern and Saint Loyes Collage Exeter.

He started work as an apprentice Stone Mason but after a long illness went back to full time Education in 1985 and gained a Degree in Industrial Electronics. He then went to work for Osiris Controls were he designed Wireless Nurse Call system and wide area surveillance units. He then moved on to Surface Technology Systems where he gained D32 - D33 qualifications which allowed him to train apprentices and other staff up to NVQ Level 3.

The Mayor’s Charity this year is for Macmillan Cancer Support, after a lot of fund raising Prince Charles Hospital is to have a new Macmillan Cancer ward where local people can have treatment without having to travel the many miles that they have to at present; all the monies raised will be used for the benefit of the local community.

The Mayor's Appeal 2009/2010 raised over £47,000 and the Mayor Councillor Glenn Price would like to thank the people of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil for their generous donations and support throughout his year in office.


Mayor 2008-2009

Councillor Clive Jones

Councillor Clive T Jones was the Mayor for the year 2008/2009 and has represented the Park Ward since 2004.  He was previously a Councillor of the Town Ward from 1995 to 1999.


He was born in 27 Ernest Street, Merthyr Tydfil in August 1943 and lived there for 36 years before moving to his current address in Lakeside Gardens.  He married Jane the (Mayoress) in December 1973 and has a daughter Rachel.

He was educated at Twynyrodyn Junior and Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School.  In 1960 he left school to begin a career as a Local Government Officer with Merthyr Tydfil County Borough which lasted for 33 ½ years.  After leaving Local Government he was appointed a member of staff of the public service union UNISON working in Bridgend and the Regional Office in Transport House, Cardiff for 7 ½ years.  He retired in January 2006.


He has been a member of the Labour Party for 39 years and an active trade unionist all his working life.  He was Branch Secretary of NALGO in Merthyr Tydfil for 17 years and a member of NALGO / UNISON for 49 years.


The Mayor is an active member of the Church of Wales.  He is a Parochial Church Council Member and was one of the Church Wardens for 22 years until 1998.  He has attended St Tydfil’s Church and St David’s Church for the past 60 years.


He is a Trustee and founder member of the Merthyr Tydfil Branch of Crossroads and is a life member, Trustee and Vice Chairman of the Local Branch of Mind.


One of his other dedicated interests is the National Health Service.  He was a member of the Merthyr and Cynon Valley Community Health Council from 1974 to 1992 and has been a carer/member of the Merthyr Local Health Board since 2003 and has been the Acting Chairman of the Board since 2007.


The Mayor’s Appeal for 2008/2009 is for the Merthyr Tydfil Branch of Crossroads for Carers and the Local Branch of Mind, the Mental Health Charity.


He has been a staunch supporter of Merthyr Tydfil Football Club for over 55 years.


The Mayor's Appeal 2008/2009 raised over £26,000 and the Mayor Councillor Clive T Jones would like to thank the people of the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil for their generous donations and support throughout his year in office.


Mayor 2007-2008

Councillor Allan Jones

The Past Mayor Councillor Allan Jones (also fondly known as Salty) 2007/08 represents the Penydarren Ward and is highly regarded in his constituency and indeed throughout the County Borough.  


Allan was born at the old Gwaunfarren hospital in June 1944 where he then resided in Horeb Street, Penydarren.  He moved to Penybryn Estate for about 4 years from where he married Anne in 1972. Allan was the oldest sibling to brother Grenville, Manager of the Design & Print section within this Council and his late sister Linda.


Allan attended County Grammar School, leaving to start his career as a local government officer with Merthyr Borough Council in 1961.  He remained in local government for 34 years.  He then became a Teachers Assistant in the Pupil Referral Unit for 7 years leaving on becoming a Councillor.


Allan has been married for 34 years to wife Anne who retired at the end of 2006 having worked as a Chief Cashier at the Barclay and Lloyds TSB banks.  They have two children Rhian and Rhodri; Rhian is a Solicitor and lives in Cardiff and married Gareth and they are now the proud parents of Ffion who was born in September 2007. Rhodri who works for WAG also lives in Cardiff.


It was Allan’s strong community spirit that made him stand for Council in 2002.

As well as being a well respected member and Deacon of Horeb Congregational Chapel, in his spare time Allan’s other love is his football.  During his childhood, together with his brother Grenville, he played for Horeb AFC where he was Secretary for 17 years.   For the last 24 years Allan has been General Secretary of the Merthyr Tydfil Football League and an ardent Merthyr Tydfil Football supporter and voluntary helper.  You will quite often hear Allan’s voice over the tannoi during the Saturday home matches at Penydarren Park.


Allan’s dedication and support was recognised when he was awarded a Football Association of Wales long service medal for 40 years service to football.
He is a past Chairman of the South Wales Football Association and currently a Council member of that organisation.


Allan’s Appeal was for an Ultrasound Scanner for Prince Charles Hospital which he has managed to purchase and this was presented to the Hospital on 20th May 2007.  The extra money raised is being used to purchase a Phototherapy unit and a probe and we are currently looking at purchasing other vital equipment with the rest of the money raised.


Through Allan’s determination and hard work, this year he has managed to raise over £49,000 for the appeal and he an Anne are very, very grateful to the people of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough who have helped him to raise this phenomenal amount.





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