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Disabled people - parking permits - blue badge 
Blue Badge

About The Badge


The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions to severely sight impaired and permanently impaired people (who are unable to walk or virtually unable to walk) to park close to their destination in order to access employment, education, health and other essential services.


The Blue Badge parking concessions only allow badge holders to park on-street.

They do not apply to off-street car parks, such as supermarket car parks, or privately owned roads, such as those you find at airports. There may however, be special concessions for badge holders in these areas and you should check for signs detailing these.


Further information on where and how to use your Blue Badge can be found in the

‘Rights and Responsibilities’ booklet which you will receive with your Blue Badge, or is available to download from www.wales.gov.uk/bluebadgescheme


Can I Apply For A Blue Badge?


If you have previously been awarded a Blue Badge, please be aware that as of January 2015 the application process has changed.


Automatic Qualification


People who may be issued with a badge ‘without further assessment’ are those who are more than two years old and fall within one or more of the following descriptions. Check if the applicant:

·  receives the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA);

·  receives a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS); or has been both awarded a lump sum benefit at tariffs 1-8 of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and certified as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking;

·  people awarded tariff 6, – Permanent Mental Disorder of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

·  is sight impaired;

·  receives Personal Independence Payment (PIP) as detailed:

      -  Mobility Activity 1, descriptor f; or

      -  Mobility Activity 2, descriptors c, d, e or f.


These are set in law and each applicant MUST show that they meet one of the criteria and verify residency and identity to be issued a badge.


Discretionary Criteria


People who may be issued with a badge after ‘further assessment’ are those who are more than two years old and fall within one or more of the following descriptions. Check if the applicant:

·  has a permanent and substantial impairment which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking;

·  drives a vehicle regularly, has an impairment in both arms and is unable to operate, or has considerable difficulty in operating, all or some types of parking equipment;

·  people who have difficulty planning or following a journey, to such an extent that they need constant supervision (‘Cognitive Impairment’); or        

·  holds a DS1500 form. Please note that the applicant must also be able to demonstrate that they have a mobility impairment;


In addition, children under the age of three may be eligible for a badge if they fall within either or both of the following descriptions:

·  a child who, on account of a condition, must always be accompanied by bulky medical equipment which cannot be carried around with the child without great difficulty;

·  a child who, on account of a condition, must always be kept near a motor vehicle so that, if necessary, treatment for that condition can be given in the vehicle or the child can be taken quickly in the vehicle to a place where such treatment can be given.


Organisations that use vehicles for transporting disabled people who would qualify for a blue badge, are able to apply for a blue badge. Read the Guidance on blue badge organisational user rights and responsibilities for more details on the Welsh Government website link at the bottom of the page.


You will not qualify if:

  • You do not meet any of the above criteria
  • Your disability is only temporary, such as a broken limb
  • You are awaiting surgery for a hip replacement
  • You experience a psychological disorder that does not cause you severe discomfort
  • You only experience walking difficulties when carrying objects, such as shopping
  • Your condition does not continuously severely limit your ability to walk much better than others.

If you are applying for a Blue Badge under the discretionary criteria, it is the applicants responsibility to provide up to date evidence to confirm your eligibility.  We will not write to your GP or any Health Professionals to confirm the information you have provided.  For further guidance you can visit the Welsh Assembly website at –




To apply for a Blue Badge, please visit –



You can also book an appointment with a member of the team to go through the Blue Badge Application process.  To do this, it is essential you phone 01685 725000 to check availability and to book an appointment as we will advise you what information you will need to bring with you to ensure the assessment and decision is based on evidence that you provide.  Please be aware that if you visit the Civic Centre offices without booking an appointment, a decision will not be given on the day and we will write out to you to advise you of the outcome.



Blue Badge Fees

There is no charge for the provision of a Blue Badge to:

  • To new (first time) badge holders.
  • When renewing your car badge.

However, a fee of £10 will be payable if you have lost your Blue Badge and apply for a replacement.


Where the scheme does not apply

The Blue Badge scheme does not apply to off-street car parks, private roads or at most Airports. The scheme also does not fully apply in four central London boroughs.

Misuse of a Car Badge

Local councils can take away a badge if the badge holder misuse it, for example, by allowing other people to use it or if a persons disability improves so that they are no longer eligible for the scheme.

If you are a badge holder, it can only be used for your benefit. If a trip is for someone else and you are a passenger and staying in the vehicle, you cannot use the badge simply to let them benefit from free parking.

Blue badges must be properly issued and displayed in accordance with the regulations. Badges should be displayed on the dashboard or fascia of the vehicle with the side showing the wheelchair symbol facing forward. Badges should be removed from view when the parking concessions are not being used.


It is an offence if people other than the badge holder take advantage of the parking concessions provided under the scheme. The maximum fine if someone is convicted is £1,000 plus any additional penalty for the related parking offence.

If you are aware that someone is misusing a Blue Badge you can report it to the Police, a Traffic Warden or your local Social Services department.


For further guidance on eligibility or use of a Blue Badge please see the 'Related Links' on the right hand side of the page.  You can also obtain further advice and guidance by visiting or contacting -  


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