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Housing - Information and Advice 

Choice Based Lettings

Tai Dewis is a service that enables applicants seeking social accommodation to exercise choice of when and where they will be offered a tenancy in accordance with relevant legislation and guidance.

The administration of the scheme is operated by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. All homeseekers within the Merthyr Borough will be assessed on the same basis and can apply for any vacancies advertised.


The following landlords are members of the Common Housing Register:

  • Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
  • Merthyr Valleys Homes
  • Hafod Housing
  • Wales and West

Please see the Tai Dewis Advert for further details.



Becoming a member of Tai Dewis


To apply for social accommodation just complete and return a housing application form to Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council.


Forms can be requested from the Housing Department on the number at the bottom of this page.


Office opening hours are:

Monday- Thursday - 8:30am to 5:00pm and;

Fridays - 8:30am to 4:30pm.


Once received, all forms are assessed and issued with a unique bidding number and banding in accordance with the housing allocations policy. To view a copy of the policy please see the Document Links to the right of this page. 


A guide to the banding system can be found within the Allocations Policy. For more information please contact Housing Advice on the number at the bottom of this page.



What happens next?


Your housing need is assessed based on your personal circumstances and is banded through the following banding system:

  • Emergency card - urgent housing need
  • Gold band - high housing need
  • Silver band - medium housing need
    (including silver plus)
  • Bronze band - low housing need


What properties can I bid for?

  • Emergency applicants can bid for any banded property.
  • Gold applicants can bid for gold properties only.
  • Silver and silver plus can bid for silver and gold properties.
  • Bronze applicants can bid for bronze, silver and gold

You can bid up but not down!



How to make a bid


All available properties will be advertised on a weekly basis in the Merthyr Express and online (please see the Document links to the right of this page) and you will need to bid for any properties that you are interested in, bidding for a maximum number of three properties each week.


Please ensure that you only submit one bid per property.


The bidding process will open on the Thursday of each week at 8.30am and close on the following Wednesday at midday.  All advertisements will give the following details:

  • The type of accommodation i.e. House, flat, bungalow, maisonette
  • Weekly rent and service charge
  • The location of the property
  • The relevant banding
  • Name of the landlord

Each edition will also provide feedback on homes that were let in the previous edition, providing details of the priority of the successful bidder and how long they were on the waiting list for. To bid:


  • By phone or fax on 0800 028 2033 simply follow the instructions you are given
  • By filling in the coupon. Blank coupons will be available from Council Offices on request
  • Via the web. Please complete and submit the Bid eform which is available from the Related Links section to the right of this page.

Your registration number will be the number given to you when you were accepted onto the register.


The Issue number is the number located on the top right hand corner of the advert


The property reference number will be located on the advert


By textCall 07624 888 888

Bids received without a valid registration number will not be registered.



For further assistance please contact us on the number at the bottom of this page. This number will direct you to a Housing Advice Operator and is for advice only.



How Properties are allocated


Properties are allocated following the guidelines set in the Housing Allocations Policy. This has been adopted by all landlords currently part of the Common Housing Register.


So that the best possible use is made of available stock, properties will be let to those whose needs best match the size and type of property.


We use a consistent system known as a Lettings Plan to decide how vacant homes are banded. This plan ensures that a proportionate amount of lettings are available to a percentage of applicants in each band.

The properties are banded by a ratio of 3:6:1 (Gold / Silver / Bronze) spread over 12 months for each area.

To determine size and type of accommodation for which home seekers will be eligible, we use the bedroom standard below which lists the Property Size and Type followed by the Household Size:



Bedsit -

Single person


1 bedroom elderly persons flat or bungalow or 2 bedroom bungalow - Single person or couple(Dependent on age criteria listed below or disabled)


1 or 2 bedroom flats -

Single person or couple


1 & 2 bedroom houses and maisonettes -

Single parent, couple or family needing 2 bedrooms


3 bedroom houses or maisonettes -

Family requiring 2 or 3 bedrooms


4 bedroom house -

1 or more adult with 4 or more children


Pre Offer

All bids received are placed in priority order. Where numerous bids have been received for the same property and the bidders are from the same band, the member with the longest serving time will be selected to view the property.


Formal Offer

If after the bids have been collated you have been selected to view a property, the Area Housing Officer will visit your property to check your details before a formal offer is made.


If you refuse a property it will be offered to the next person who fits the priority criteria. If you refuse two properties for which you have made a bid, you will lose your priority and not be eligible for six months, irrespective of the number of bids you have made during this period.



In each advert, we will publish information on how many bids were received for each property, in addition to the band and registration date of the successful bidder. This information will give you and idea of how long the successful bidder had been waiting, which will allow you to decide where you have the best chance of being rehoused.



Common questions and answers?


I suffer from poor health, do I need to provide any additional information?

Yes, you will need to submit a medical letter from your GP or health visitor.  Your case will then be assessed.  Where it is determined that your medical circumstances are seriously affected by your housing, we will amend your banding to either silver or gold. If your banding is upgraded then your registration date will change to the date of the new banding.


If my circumstances change what should I do?
You must advise us immediately and complete the “change of circumstances” form which is available from all our housing offices.


Where your change in circumstances leads to a higher priority banding, your registration date becomes the date you advised us of your change in circumstances. 

However, where your change of circumstances leads to a lower banding, then your original registration date will be used.


I am being harassed, what information do you need from me?
You will need to provide independent evidence from the South Wales Police. This evidence will be considered by the Rehousing Circumstances Panel, who will decide whether any priority should be awarded.


Are there any circumstances where I may not be invited to view a property?
Yes.  Where there is evidence of previous unacceptable behaviour, you may be suspended from the register and not be able to make any bids. Similarly, if you are an existing tenant of either the council or another social landlord, and you have broken the conditions of tenancy (e.g.non-payment of rent, condition of property) then you will not be placed in any specific band until the problem is resolved to the landlords’ satisfaction.


There is a right of appeal against these decisions, which must be made in writing within 28 days of notification of the decision.


What sort of home can I make a bid for?
The following table provides an indication of the size and type of property that different bandings can bid for which lists Property Size and Type followed by the Household Size:

Bedsit -
Single person
1 bedroom elderly persons flat or bungalow or 2 bedroom bungalow -Single person or couple (Aged 50 and over or disabled)
1 or 2 bedroom flats - 

Single person or couple
1 & 2 bedroom houses and maisonettes -

Single parent, couple or family needing 2 bedrooms
3 bedroom houses or maisonettes - 

Family requiring 2 or 3 bedrooms
4 bedroom house - 

1 or more adult with 4 or more children

Housing Allocations Policy

Here you can find a copy of the Tai Dewis Choice Based Lettings Allocation Policy. To view the Allocations Policy please see the Document links section to the right of this page.


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