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Explosives licence

If you manufacture or store explosives you need either to register or apply for a licence, depending on the quantities of explosives involved.

The types of products covered include:

  • blasting explosives;
  • ammunition and shooters' powders;
  • black powder;
  • fireworks;
  • marine flares.

Registration is a simplified process which applies where smaller quantities of explosives are to be stored. Registration allows up to 250kg (depending on the hazard type) of explosives to be stored. This weight is the net weight of the explosive contained in the article, not the gross weight of the article itself.

For quantities in excess of this, more hazardous explosive types and for all manufacturing processes, it is necessary to obtain a licence. Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council issues licences/registrations for storage but licences for manufacture must be obtained from the Health and Safety Executive.

Some materials, for example, blasting explosive or black powder, require an explosives certificate and this can be obtained from South Wales Police Authority.

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