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Police and Crime Commissioner Election

The UK Government has postponed the elections scheduled for 7 May 2020 due to the current and emerging situation around COVID-19

A Police and Crime Commissioner Election is taking place on Thursday 7 May 2020  -  The Count will be held on Monday 11 May 2020

 The role of a Police and Crime Commissioner replaced the role of a local police authority in 2012.  They are responsible for holding the Chief Constable and police force to account by overseeing how crime is tackled and ensuring that the Police are providing a good service.

Each police force area has one Police and Crime Commissioner who is elected every four years.  Merthyr Tydfil is part of the South Wales Police area.

Information for Prospective Candidates

The nomination process, Notice of Election and declaration of results is the responsibility of the South Wales Police Area Returning Officer at the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

The role of the Local Returning Officer at Merthyr Tydfil is to ensure that the poll is conducted in line with legislation and that the election is administered effectively.

Prospective candidates must submit their nominations to the South Wales Police Area Returning Officer no later than 4pm on Wednesday 8 April 2020.

Information for Voters 

The elections you are eligible to vote in depend on your age, citizenship and where you live.  However, even if you meet all the criteria they won't count unless you have also registered to vote.

On Thursday 7 May 2020 the Polling Stations are open between 7am and 10pm.  Each eligible elector will have been sent a poll card in advance telling them where their polling station is and how to cast their vote.

If more than two candidates stand you will use the Supplementary Vote System to cast your vote.  Otherwise you will use the first past the post system.

If you cannot get to the polling station on the day of the election, you could apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote.  The deadlines are tight, so get your applications in as soon as possible.

Key dates:
  • Election Timetable
  • Poll cards will be issued around 9 April 2020
  • First issue of postal vote packs will be sent around 17 April 2020
  • Deadline to register to vote: Tuesday 21 April 2020
  • Deadline to apply for a postal vote: Wednesday 22 April 2020
  • Deadline to apply for a proxy vote: Wednesday 29 April 2020
  • Second issue of postal vote packs will be sent around Thursday 29 April 2020
Election Notices:

Candidates may produce an election address which will be uploaded to a dedicated website provided by the Cabinet Office.  More details and a link to this will be posted in due course.

Links to Statutory notices will be updated as they are published:

  • Notice of Election: not later than Tuesday 31 March 2020
  • Candidate Details: not later than 4pm Thursday 9 April 2020
  • Situation of Polling Stations: Thursday 30 April 2020
  • Election Agents: Friday 1 May 2020
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