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Review of Polling Districts, Places and Stations

The Council has a duty to divide the local authority area into polling districts and designate a polling place for each polling district .  It also designates a polling station for each polling place.

The arrangements are reviewed every five years; however this does not prevent changes being made at any time prior to the next review.

Notice of Review

Have your say

View the proposals prior to making your comments.  They do not have to be restricted to alternative proposals; support for the current arrangements is also welcome.  We are particularly interested in accessibility or suggestions for alternative venues.

You can send your comments no later than 17 December 2023 either: 

  • by email -
  • or post - Democratic Services Department, Civic Centre, Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8AN


Stage of Review

27 October 2023

Formal notice of review published. 

17 DECEMBER 2023


17 January 2024

Final proposals considered by Full Council.

1 February 2024

Revised register of electors published.


What is a polling district?

Each community must be made up of at least one polling district.  If the community is large, in order to provide easy access, it can potentially be divided into smaller polling districts.

What is a polling place?

A polling place is the geographical area in which polling stations are placed.  A polling place within a polling district must be designated so that polling stations are within easy reach of all electors.

What is a polling station?

A polling station is the actual area the process of voting takes place, e.g. a room in a community centre or school.

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