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COVID-19 Business Support Grant

You can find this on your business rates bill.

(you can find this on your business rates bill)

If more than 1 complete the form for EACH premise

Confirmation of State Aid received under the Covid-19 Temporary Framework for UK Authorities measure and Undertaking in Difficulty Status

The Euro equivalent of the Sterling aid amount is calculated using the Commission exchange rate applicable on the date the aid is offered. Any aid provided under this measure will be relevant if you wish to apply, or have applied, for any other aid granted based on the European Commission’s Temporary Framework. You will need to declare this amount to any other aid awarding body who requests information from you on how much aid you have received. You must retain this information for four years after the conclusion of the UK’s transition from the EU and produce it on any request from the UK public authorities or the European Commission.

For a definition of a 'Firm in Difficulty' see Annex 1

Data Protection:

The Information which you are asked to provide may be recorded on a computer and is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

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