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COVID-19 risk assessment template for employers to help manage risk and protect people

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  • 13 Jul 2020

A Covid-19 risk assessment tool for employers has been produced by the Health and Safety Executive to help businesses manage risk and protect people.


The form highlights areas that need to be included in a risk assessment of the workplace - identifying certain hazards, looking at who might be harmed and how, recommending what action can be taken to help limit risk and providing space for employers to name who needs to carry out the action and when.


It provides the framework for employers to focus on:

  • identifying what work activity or situations might cause transmission of coronavirus
  • who could be at risk
  • how likely it is that someone could be exposed and
  • acting to remove the activity or situation, or if this isn’t possible, controlling the risk


It also includes practical measures businesses can take, for example:

  • staggering shifts to limit the number of people in rooms so that social distancing rules can be met
  • putting in place one-way systems in corridors to manage the flow of people moving around workplaces
  • increasing the use of online meeting facilities, even for people working in the same building, to reduce

the number of people moving around

  • providing lockers for people to keep personal belongings in so that they aren’t left in the open
  • providing additional handwashing facilities
  • keeping surfaces clear to make it easier to clean and reduce the likelihood of contaminating objects
  • involving workers in completing risk assessments so they can help identify potential problems and identify solutions
  • keeping workers updated on what is happening so they feel involved and reassured


Bridgend County Borough Council leader Huw David said: “This new risk assessment tool will help employers make sure they have covered what they need to in order to keep their staff and others safe at this time.


 “Among other areas, it provides guidance on how to limit the risk of getting or spreading coronavirus in areas where people will congregate such as canteens, corridors and toilet facilities, what needs to be covered when considering cleaning and hygiene controls, how to ensure social distancing rules are followed and how to take care of the mental health and wellbeing of employees who may be affected through isolation or experiencing anxiety about coronavirus.


“Once employers have completed the risk assessment, it will need to be monitored to ensure that what has been put in place is working as expected.”


For more details visit the Health and Safety Executive webpage on working safely during the Covid-19 outbreak.


For further important Covid-19 information and advice for employers and employees visit the Healthy Working Wales website.


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