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Golwg Yr Afon – Project Riverside highway has a new name!

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  • 09 Hyd 2015

The new infrastructure at Project Riverside is well on the road to completion and is due to open in the middle of November.  The works will provide flood remediation protection to new and existing houses, a new access road and new road and foot bridges.   However, the new road had no name so an initial list of 36 suggestions from the local community and members of the Riverside project team was whittled down to 2 that were put to a public vote using social media.  The result was a win for the new name of Golwg Yr Afon (River View).

Leader of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council Councillor, Brendan Toomey, said:  ‘Golwyg Yr Afon will in time become synonymous with the Riverside vision to create a new vibrant, viable and sustainable heart for Merthyr Vale and Aberfan whilst also celebrating the beauty of the Taff valley.’

The new name will be used from the new roundabout linking with Bells Hill, Crescent Street and Nixonville in the south through to the existing roundabout connecting Golwg Yr Afon with Aberfan Road and Bronheulog Terrace in the north.  The name will not change as it crosses the Afon Taff but will symbolically reconnect the two communities.

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