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Severe Weather Updates

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  • 15 Feb 2020

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Update as of 10:40  - 20/02/2020 

If you have had to move out of your property or your property has been affected by the recent flooding then you will be able to receive a reduction on your Council Tax. Please contact the Council Tax section at or on 01685 725000 for advice on how to apply.

Update as of 15:30  - 19/02/2020

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984: Section 14(2)
Emergency Notice

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council
VAYNOR 38 & VAYNOR 39 (Part of the Taff Trail) 
Temporary Prohibition of Pedestrians, Cyclists & Equestrians

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council hereby gives notice that from the date hereof until 10th March 2020 both dates inclusive no person shall proceed in that length of Bridleway 38 and 39 in the community of Vaynor which extends from grid reference SO06081055 and proceeds in a general south westerly direction to grid reference SO03850883.

The closure has been undertaken in the interests of public safety.

Alternative Route

No alternative route is available.

Dated 19th FEBRUARY 2020

C M Kennedy, Head of Legal and Democratic Services and HR, Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Civic Centre, Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil CF47 8AN 


Update as of 11:20  - 19/02/2020

We have multiple crews out working today in the areas worst affected by flooding.

If you have bulky items that need to be cleared and we don't make it around to you today, further clean-up crews will be out over the next few days, wherever needed.

Thank you to everyone; our staff, volunteers and community groups who have all offered help during this challenging time. 

Update as of 11:00  - 19/02/2020

With more rain forecast over the next couple of days we would encourage residents to take the necessary precautions to protect their properties.

A limited number of sandbags are available from the local authority and will be prioritised to any areas deemed at-risk in the event of a flood warning from the Met Office.

Residents can purchase sandbags, if needed, from local builder’s merchants.

Update as of 10:30  - 19/02/2020

The Met office has issued a YELLOW “LOW RISK” flood warning for Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th of February 2020.

Please be vigilant and if you notice blocked gully’s that may cause a problem and it can be done safely, help us by clearing the debris. Council operatives will be on standby when the Council Offices are closed but help may be limited and priority given to those most in need.

Please note: Sandbags are not available upon request and you are encouraged to protect your own property if you think there may be a risk of flooding. Sandbags will only be issued in the event of a flooding emergency.

Further information on Flood warnings and how to prepare for flooding can be found on

Update as of 16:50  - 18/02/2020

From tomorrow (Wednesday 19th Feb), large flood damaged items will be collected from the areas most affected by Storm Dennis.

Crews will be knocking doors on properties to ensure that the items can be taken. Please see the following guidance from the Association of British Insurers if you are unsure whether or not your items should be removed at this point:

If your items are not collected tomorrow our crews will be out for the next few days, making their way around the worst affected areas.

Please share this information with any neighbours who may not have access to the website and/or social media. Thank you.

Update as of 16:22  - 18/02/2020

Residents in flood affected areas have raised concerns over spoilt food and what to do with it; we have therefore organised an additional food waste collection in flooded areas tomorrow (Wednesday 19th February).

We’re asking residents to please leave their food waste out on the kerbside for collection.

‼️ Please share this information with any neighbours who may not have access to the website and/or social media ‼️

Information on bulky item collections to follow.

Update as of 17:30  - 17/02/2020 

TROEDYRHIW RESIDENTS UPDATE: We are delighted to confirm that, following inspections by structural engineers, residents can now safely return to their homes in Troedyrhiw.

Update as of 15:30  - 17/02/2020 

We’ve been asked some residents who have been affected by the flooding what to do with the items that have been removed from their homes.

Our plan is to make collections from the worst affected areas ASAP, however we will communicate more on this as soon as we can.

We are also getting questions about what to do with spoilt food, so we will be providing additional food waste collections from those areas also.

Further details on all of this to follow soon...

Update as of 15:10  - 17/02/2020 Road closures 

A4054 Quakers Yard to Town – Road Open

Greys Place in Merthyr Vale to Cardiff Road Junction, Troedyrhiw – Road Open

Pantglas Fawr – Road Open

B4255 Bedlinog – Road Open

B4255 Junction of Cherry Tree Way Drive – Road Open

Pant to Pontsticill – Road Closed

Trefechan to Pontsticill – Passable with care

Nantycoed - Road Open as of 15:30

Update as of 14:00  - 17/02/2020

PONTSTICILL ACCESS UPDATE: The Vaynor Road route in to Pontsticill (past the Spanish House) is now passable, however please use caution!

The Ffynnon Dwyn route in to Pontsticill is closed until further notice.

Update as of 13:30  - 17/02/2020

SERVICE UPDATE: We are attempting to collect resident’s waste and recycling as normal today, however there may be some delays and/or areas missed due to localised flooding and road closures. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time in our community.

Update as of 12:50  - 17/02/2020

Storm Dennis - Taff Trail

There is a Landslide roughly half a mile from the Ffynnon Dwyn entrance, which has blocked access to the Taff Trail. Please do not attempt to access the trail at this entrance!

All our crews are currently out working as the huge clean up operation from Storm Dennis continues.

Update as of 20:30  - 16/02/2020


Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre gym will be open as normal tomorrow. The main hall is currently set up as a Rest Centre in case it’s needed by those affected by flooding, however some classes may be back on as normal tomorrow, depending on the situation overnight.

Aberfan Community Centre is open as normal.

Update as of 19:00  - 16/02/2020

Our teams, along with emergency services, will continue to work through the night to help those in need and that have been affected by the flooding.

Can we please ask that, if possible and safe to do so, you check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours, especially those in flood risk areas.

Once again we would like to thank all staff, volunteers, and emergency workers for your continued support!

Further updates will follow throughout the evening, as and when we have information to share. Thank you.

Update as of 13:38 from Met office

Update as of 13:04 from South Wales Police


Due to this morning’s flooding and severe weather related incident which have occurred overnight and through the course of the morning, a major incident was declared and South Wales Police is co-ordinating a multi-agency response.

South Wales Police, on behalf of the local resilience co-ordination group, has declared the major incident in the wake of serious disruption caused by adverse weather across the south Wales region.
The emergency services, jointly with local authority planning departments, local health boards, and organisations such as Mountain Rescue, Natural Resources Wales and utility companies, are working continuously to ensure the safety and welfare of those affected, minimise damage to infrastructure and property, and minimise disruption.

Agencies are continuing to deal with multiple floods and landslides, and have been required to evacuate residents from houses.

Some communities have been cut-off as a result, but emergency service workers are working tirelessly to put measures in place to ensure the safety of residents.
Many rescues have been carried out over the past few hours along the evacuation of houses.

Local authorities across the region have set up emergency centres for residents who have been displaced.
The public can be reassured that everything is being done to ensure their safety and that while obviously under significant demand, emergency services are coping with the pressure placed upon them.
Assistant Chief Constable Jennifer Gilmer, said: “I would like to reassure the public who have been affected that we are doing everything we can, and will continue to work tirelessly until all risks dissipate.
“ I would like to thank all our emergency services and rescue partners for their assistance and professionalism. I have very clear advice for everybody, which is not to panic, and to be sensible - stay well clear of any danger such as streams and rivers, and contact us in an emergency.”

Public Advice for people in affected areas:
Remain indoors, unless your journey is absolutely necessary.
Steer well clear of dangers such as waterways.
In an emergency, dial 999 – let highly skilled emergency service and rescue staff deal with incidents safely.
Monitor local media and social media accounts for relevant organisations for updates.

Ydych chi angen siarad gyda'r heddlu ond nad oes angen ymateb brys arnoch? Ffoniwch 101? Gellir defnyddio'r rhif i roi gwybod am achos nad yw'n un brys i unrhyw heddlu yng Nghymru a Lloegr.
Mewn argyfwng, ffoniwch 999 bob amser.

Do you need to speak to police but don't require an emergency response? Call 101? The number can be used to report a non-emergency to any force in Wales and England.
In an emergency, always dial 999.
Mae Heddlu De Cymru yn croesawu derbyn gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg a Saesneg. Byddwn yn ateb gohebiaeth a dderbynnir yn Gymraeg yn Gymraeg ac ni fydd gohebu yn Gymraeg yn arwain at oedi.

South Wales Police welcomes receiving correspondence in Welsh and English. Any correspondence received in Welsh will be answered in Welsh and corresponding in Welsh will not lead to a delay in responding.

Update as of 12:59  - 16/02/2020 - Flooded roads

Flooded roads

A4050 to Cilfynydd (flooded no access)

A4050 Edwards Ville to Merthyr Vale (pass with caution)

A4054 Troedyrhiw to Edwards Ville (pass with caution)

Troedyrhiw to Aberfan (flooded no access) Trefechan to

Pontsticill (land slide pass with caution)

Pontsticill to Pant (land slide blocked no access)

Abercanaid main road from Brandy Bridge (pass with Care)

Fern Hill Close to Tyntaldwyn road Troedyrhiw (flooded pass with caution)

Glantaff Road Troedyrhiw (flooded pass with caution) 

Update as of 11:52  - 16/02/2020 - Road Closure

Due to flooding Mill Road, Quakers yard will be closing within the hour

Update as of 11:43  - 16/02/2020 - Sandbags
Sandbags are now being prioritised to culverts

Update as of 11:40 - 16/02/2020 - Evacuation Troedyrhiw

Evacuation Troedyrhiw Please note that residents in Cross Mount Pleasant Street to Tyntaldwyn will need to be evacuated as a precautionary measure. Please could resident go to Aberfan Community Centre or Merthyr Leisure centre

Update as of 11:121 - 16/02/2020 - Road Closure

Urgent Road closure
Police have notified us of an urgent road closure Troedyrhiw- Aberfan at the bottom of Nant-y-cod

Update as of 11:16 - 16/02/2020 - Water Supplies

Rumours are currently circulating about the water supply being switched off. We’ve been in touch with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and we would like to reassure you that this is not true.

Update as of 10:43 - 16/02/2020 - Evacuation Troedyrhiw
Please note that residents in Cross Mount Pleasant Street to Tyntaldwyn will need to be evacuated as a precautionary measure.  


Update as of10:19  - 16/02/2020 - Sandbags

We currently have no stockof sandbags as all resources have been allocated to properties that have been identified as at risk. If you are able to do so please contact builders merchants that may have stock.

Update as of 9:00  - 16/02/2020

We have emergency teams working as fast as we possibly can to deal with the number of situations we are currently experiencing in Merthyr Tydfil.

Our advice is to only go out today if it is absolutely essential.

Update as of 8:30  - 16/02/2020

Both Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre and Aberfan Community Centres are closed to the public because they are currently being used as rest centres for those affected by flooding.

Wellbeing Merthyr

Update as of 8:00  - 16/02/2020

As of 6:10am the flood warning for Merthyr Tydfil was upgraded by the Met Office to RED.

Our emergency teams are out working and EMERGENCY CENTRES have been set up in Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre and Aberfan Community Centre for anyone affected by flooding.

Please note the main road though Troedyrhiw is flooded, therefore access to either centre cannot be accessed via Troedyrhiw.

Please take care and stay safe in this weather.

Further updates to follow...

Update as of 7:00  - 16/02/2020

EMERGENCY CENTRES are now open in Merthyr Tydfil for anyone affected by flooding. The allocated centres are:

Merthyr Tydfil Leisure
Aberfan Leisure Centre

PLEASE NOTE: Access CANNOT be gained through to Troedyrhiw.

Further updates to follow.

Update as of 11:59  - 16/02/2020

There is still no access to Pontsticill via the Ffynnon Dwyn route due to severe weather damage. Flooding near the Spanish House access has also made this route dangerous and we urge residents to only travel if it is an emergency. Please bear with us. We are doing everything we can to reinstate access as soon as possible. Thank you

South Wales Police Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taf

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Update as of 16:24  - 15/02/2020

Flooding Trelewis - Update

We currently have a team on route to clear the gully which has caused the flooding.

Please take care try and avoid this area if possible.

Updates as of 15:56 - 14/02/2020 

The Met Office has issued an AMBER “MEDIUM RISK” flood warning for Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of February 2020.

Please be vigilant and if you notice blocked gully’s that may cause a problem and it can be done safely, help us by clearing the debris. Council operatives will be on standby when the Council Offices are closed but help may be limited and priority given to those most in need.

Please note: Sandbags are not available upon request and you are encouraged to protect your own property if you think there may be a risk of flooding. Sandbags will only be issued in the event of a flooding emergency.

Further information on Flood warnings and how to prepare for flooding can be found on



Natural Resources Wales - Flood Warnings


This information is correct at the time of posting.

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