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Vote 16 Week – those aged 16 &17 can now register to vote!

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  • 22 Feb 2021
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22 – 26 February 2021 is ‘Vote 16 Week’, a whole week dedicated to events and activities for young people to raise awareness of the May Senedd Election – an historic election which will enable young people aged 16 and 17 to vote for the first time in Wales. 

The Senedd and Elections (Wales) Act 2020 states that those aged 16 & 17 have the right to say what should happen and to be listened to, and great steps have been taken in Wales this year to give young people a voice more than ever.

We’ve seen young people being transformed to look like themselves in the year 2080, reflecting on how they made history and changed the world, just by registering to vote at 16 as part of a unique register to vote campaign. The campaign was developed to encourage young people to register to vote and support ‘Vote 16 week’.

Click here to see the video.

In today’s world, young voters are crucial and as a young person your vote matters. If you're eligible, please register to vote online at: its quick and easy and it will ensure that you’ll be able to take part in the upcoming Senedd Elections May 2021.

What you'll Need?

All you will need is 5 minutes and your National Insurance Number. However, If you do not have your National Insurance Number you can still register to vote, just simply tick the box stating you do not know your national Insurance Number and Caerphilly Electoral Services will contact you at a later date for proof of identification

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