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WRITTEN STATEMENT BY THE WELSH GOVERNMENT: Coronavirus Control Plan: Alert Levels in Wales

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  • 14 Dec 2020

Today, we are publishing an update to our Coronavirus Control Plan, which builds on the traffic-light framework of restrictions we originally put in place in May. 

The revised plan puts in place four alert levels, aligned to the measures we will need to have in place to control the spread of the virus through the difficult winter months ahead of us and to protect people’s health.

It also sets out how and when Wales will move between these alert levels. The all-Wales measures are designed to be as simple, fair and clear as possible and they will provide greater certainty for people and businesses about what legal restrictions will be put in place, depending on the level of risk, helping them to plan for the future.

Following the advice of the UK Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies (SAGE), our approach draws on what has worked elsewhere in the UK and draws on what we have learned over the course of this year.

The four alert levels are: 

Alert level one (low risk): This represents the level of restrictions closest to normality, which are possible while infection rates are low and other preventative measures, such as social distancing and working from home, remain in place.

Alert level two (medium risk): This includes additional controls to limit the spread of coronavirus. These may be complemented by more targeted local actions to manage specific incidents or outbreaks.

Alert level three (high risk): These represent the strictest restrictions short of a firebreak or lockdown. These respond to higher or rising level of infections where local actions are no longer effective in containing the growth of the virus.

Alert level four (very high risk): Restrictions at this level would be equivalent to the firebreak regulations or lockdown. These could either be deployed as a preventative firebreak or as a lockdown measure.

We are grateful to people and businesses across Wales for their continued efforts to tackle this virus.

As we begin the process of rolling out the Covid-19 vaccine we can be optimistic about the future but we must continue to be cautious and take steps to control the spread of coronavirus and keep each other safe.

We all need to work together to Keep Wales Safe.

The Coronavirus Control Plan: Alert Levels in Wales is available at:

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