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Leader's Blog June 2020

  • Council Leader, Kevin O'Neill
  • 26 Meh 2020

A lot has been going on since my last update in May.

Coronavirus is, of course, still at the forefront of all that we’re doing, and it has had a profound effect on everyone not only in our town, but of course across the UK and indeed, the world.

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Leader's Blog May 2020

  • Leader of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Kevin O'Neill
  • 01 Mai 2020

Almost six weeks have passed since the lockdown was imposed and sadly, many of our residents have been affected by the coronavirus.  As of April 30, the number of confirmed cases in Merthyr Tydfil stood at 249, which is lower than in other local authority areas, but still a distressing statistic.


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Blog yr Arweinydd Ionawr 2020

  • Awaiting translation
  • 16 Ion 2020

Awaiting translation

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Welsh Local Government Provisional Settlement 2020/21

  • Leader of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Kevin O'Neill
  • 20 Rhag 2019

The Provisional Settlement was announced on Monday 16th December and indicated total revenue funding for Welsh Local Government of nearly £4.5 billion for 2020/21; an increase of 4.3% after allowing for transfers into the settlement.  The increased settlement includes monies to reflect the additional costs associated with teachers’ pensions and pay award.

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