School Clothing Grants

Welsh Government School Uniform Grant

The Welsh Government School Uniform Grant helps eligible pupils acquire School uniform. The scheme is targeted specifically at pupils entering year 7 of secondary school who are eligible for free school meals. Also pupils aged 11 at the start of the school year in special schools, special needs resource bases and pupil referral units who are eligible for free school meals.


You can apply online using the form below.

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Distinctive Clothing Grant

Allowances towards the cost of distinctive school clothing are made to pupils attending secondary schools. Allowances are payable at the commencement of each of the child’s first five years in the secondary school.

Distinctive School Clothing is currently provided for children where the parent or carer are in receipt of Free School Meals on the qualifying date 13 weeks before the start date of the September term.

Each school has its own procedure for assistance in this matter and parents should check with the relevant school for details.

Afon Taf High School 
01685 351830            

Bishop Hedley RC High School      
01685 351860

Cyfarthfa High School   
01685 721725

Pen-y-dre High School
01685 351845


If you have any queries regarding School Uniform Grants please use the ‘Contact Us’ form at the side of this page.

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