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Separate card and glass from 5th April 2021

Important information - Changes to your weekly recycling collection


Frequently Asked Questions

From Monday 5th April 2021, we will no longer collect your card and glass in the same container as part of your weekly recycling collection service. All homes in the County Borough will need to present these materials in separate recycling containers.

Some of our residents already separate their card and glass. If this is the case, please continue to do so.

If you do not currently separate these materials but you have an extra recycling box, please begin using it now to present your card and glass separately.

If you need an extra recycling box, you can order one via our survey or by telephoning us on 01685 725000.

When placing your order, please state for which material you need the extra recycling box – card or glass – and we will deliver your box and stickers for you to place on each side of the extra recycling box.

Please start separating your card and glass as soon as you receive your extra box.

Since we introduced the source-segregated recycling collection scheme in 2015, mixing card and glass has caused injuries to our crew whilst they separate these materials when they collect your recycling. Mixing these materials has also reduced the quality of the card we collect from you to be recycled.

We all have a duty to recycle as much of our waste as possible, and by separating your waste at home for us to collect separately, the quality of the materials is maintained. This means the materials will have the best chance of being recycled. Mixing materials together and then separating them later reduces the quality of the materials, which makes them less suitable for recycling.

Our planet’s natural resources are running out and we must save resources for future generations. Extracting raw materials from the ground, and the manufacturing processes involved in making new products from scratch, causes pollution and damages the environment. We can all do our bit to help the environment by reusing or recycling all we can; a little effort from everyone will make a big difference.

Large cardboard is difficult to handle and can block up the compartments in our collection vehicles very quickly. Cutting your card into small pieces which can fit easily into the card recycling box, will ensure we are able to collect all the card presented on the round and send it on for recycling.

The Council provide shower cap style lids to keep the cardboard dry inside the recycling box. Lids can be ordered in the normal way on our website The lids can be tied onto your recycling box with the two straps to keep them attached to the box. The lids are suitable for use to cover all recycling boxes so order one for each box.

We will no longer collect any mixed card and glass after 5th April. Mixed materials will be left behind by the collection crews and the resident will be required to separate these materials and place them out for collection on the next collection day.

Your collection day will not change as part of this service change. Card, Glass and other recyclables should be presented for collection by 7am on your normal collection day.

Yes, there are no changes to the way you present your other recyclables at the kerbside.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council undertook a trial of the trolley box system and distributed 9000 trolley boxes in equal number across each electoral ward in Merthyr Tydfil. The trial concluded that the trolley box system was not suitable for all homes in the County Borough, and therefore, the Council decided not to change over to the trolley box system.

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