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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment

WEEE (Waste  Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Campaign

Between September 2020 and March 2021 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council have employed an officer to inspect wheeled bins placed out for collection by residents, to identify whether or not WEEE items have been placed in the bin.

Where these items are found the resident is contacted and advised on the correct procedure for disposing of them as these items can be recycled or re-used.

WEEE is classed as any item that has a plug or battery. Fluorescent tubes and bulbs are also classed as WEEE.

Small WEEE items up to the size of a microwave oven can be placed on the top of the recycling box, recycling bag or trolley box (in areas that have these) for collection on the relevant collection day. These items can also be taken to the Household Waste & Recycling Centres.

Larger WEEE items can be taken to the Household Waste & Recycling Centres.

For further information please contact 01685725000 or e-mail

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