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Food Delivery and Takeaway Guidance

Food Delivery and Takeaway Guidance

Transmission of Covid-19

Currently scientific advice is that COVID-19 is very unlikely to be spread via food.

Food Registration

If you are not already registered with the Council as a food business, you must complete a registration form.


If you have a website or other forms of advertising you must clearly communicate that customers should ask about allergies and intolerances when they order. Here is example wording for you to use.


Ensure staff are handwashing regularly and sinks are stocked with anti-bacterial soap, paper towels and there is warm running water available.

Food preparation/cooking/packing

Your Safer Food Better Business pack/or equivalent should be updated/enhanced to reflect the delivery service/takeaway and how it will be offered safely.

Staff Social distancing

It is extremely important staff keep themselves and others safe. Staff must keep 2m away from each other at all times, as people may be infected and not showing symptoms yet.

Use of delivery staff/vehicles

You should check that the car insurance of the delivery driver covers business use and that the vehicle is safe (copy of most recent MOT, or similar).

Food Takeaway

If you are planning on providing food which customers can collect from your premises, much of the guidance above still applies. You should encourage non-cash payments.


Uniforms are a potential source of transmission. Ensure staff wear clean uniform at all times.

Further guidance/links

Free Advice from Experts

Relaxation of planning use

For the next twelve months premises who were not previously licensed will now be able to operate as takeaways providing hot food and drink.

Alcohol (Premises) Licence

You can only offer a take away service / deliver alcohol if your premises licence states “Off-sales” or “both” under “Where the licence authorises the supply of alcohol, whether these are on and/or off supplies”, usually on the second page of the licence summary (part B) or page 2 of part A.

Legionella; your responsibilities during lockdown

Since the Government business restrictions have come into force, it is timely to remind you of the Legionella risks in vacant properties where water is allowed to stagnate within water systems.

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