Council tax renewal

If you're entitled to a reduction then this will be subject to periodic review.

Single Occupancy

Single Discount Application forms will be reviewed each financial year. These applications will be issued to you between April and June. Please note: this office will issue you with one reminder notice only. If you fail to respond your single discount will be cancelled back to the 1st April of that year and a revised Council Tax Notice will be issued.

Council Tax Disregards / Exemptions.

Students / Student Nurses / Apprentices

You will be disregarded for the period that the full time course runs. A renewal application will be required if we are aware that the course lasts for more than one academic year.

Child Benefit

Where a Council Tax Disregard has been awarded for an individual that is 18 years of age or more, the application must be renewed on the 1st Monday in September or on a significant birthday. This disregard is only applicable to individuals that are under 20 years old, in full time education and in receipt of Child Benefit.

Severe Mental Impairment / Carers / Religious Bodies / Job Related

These disregards will be reviewed one year from the date of the award.

Class E – Exemptions

(A person who is in full time care or has been hospitalised for a period in excess of 1 year). If these circumstances apply to a Council Tax Payer that has left their property empty, then we will write periodically to the appointed member of the family, Hospital or care home to ascertain if the circumstances remain the same.

Disabled Band Reduction

Where a reduction has been applied to the property in respect of a disabled person, a review will be carried out at the start of each financial year to establish whether there has been any change of circumstances.

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