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Special Educational Needs Statutory Assessment

Statutory assessment is a detailed investigation to find out exactly what your child’s special educational needs (SEN) are and what special help your child needs.

The process normally takes 26 weeks to complete. During the process you will receive a number of letters from the SEN Section and will be asked to fill in and return a number of forms. If at any point you would like help or support in the statutory assessment process, please contact your SNAP representative using the details below.

Who can ask for a Statutory Assessment?

You can ask for a statutory assessment of your child and so can your child's school. The request needs to be in writing. If the school want to ask for an assessment they should always talk to you first. The local health authority is also able to request assessment if it is felt necessary and again should speak to you before doing this.

If you would like to request a statutory assessment it would be a good idea to speak to your child's class teacher or the school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) first.

The LA will consider the request for statutory assessment carefully, and you will be told within six weeks if an assessment is to be carried out.

What happens after the request for Statutory Assessment?

The LA has six weeks to decide whether to carry out a statutory assessment or not. You will be asked to fill in and return two forms. It is very important that these forms are completed, signed and returned to us. They are:

The decision on whether to carry out a statutory assessment will be based on all the information sent in. It is important that the information provided is accurate. Evidence will come from you and from the school. You can also provide evidence from other professionals involved with your child.

What happens after a Statutory Assessment?

The LA has ten weeks to gather all the information and decide on whether to issue a Statement of Special Educational Needs or to issue a Note In Lieu. When all the evidence has been received, the SEN Service will consider the evidence very carefully before making a recommendation.

If it is decided that a Statement should be written, you will receive a copy of the Proposed Statement within two weeks of the decision being made. You will also receive a copy of the evidence gathered during the assessment.

If it is decided that a Statement should not be written, then a Note In Lieu will be sent to you. This will explain the reasons why a Statement wasn't made and will tell you how your child's needs should be met in the school or with other services accessed through the school.

SEN Statement

A statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) is a legal document laying out the details of Special Needs which your child is considered to have. The statement outlines the specific help which will be made available to meet your child's special educational needs.

A Statement of SEN is set out in six parts.

Part 1 - Introduction

The child's name, address, date of birth, home language, religion and the details of the child's parents/carers.

Part 2 - Special Educational Needs

Details of each and every one of the child's SEN as identified by the Authority during Statutory Assessment from the advice received and attached as appendices to the statement.

Part 3 - Special Educational Provision

The Special Educational Provision which the Authority consider necessary to meet the child's SEN.

Part 4 - Placement

The type and name of school where your child’s needs are best met.

Part 5 - Non - Educational Needs

All relevant non-educational needs of the child as agreed between the health services and Children’s Services.

Part 6 - Non - Educational Provision

Details of relevant non - educational provision which will be made available to your child as agreed between the Health Services and Children’s Services.


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