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Inspire2 Work and the European Social Fund

Inspire 2 Work is funded through the European Social Fund (ESF) and contributes to Priority 3 Youth Employment and Attainment Specific Objective 1 - To reduce the number of 16-24 year olds who are Not in Employment Education or Training (NEET)

Inspire 2 Work is designed to identify and address the needs of NEET 16-24 year olds, in bringing about their sustainable integration into the labour market and thereby contribute to a reduction in youth unemployment. 

The operation aims to engage unemployed and economically inactive young people from across the region and offer a person centred approach to determine barriers to sustained engagement in the labour market.  Support will be offered in overcoming these barriers and will encompass a range of interventions all with a clear focus on the highest priority of sustainable employment outcomes.  The operation will specifically support those young people at risk of social exclusion or who have complex barriers to inclusion in education, training or employment.  The person centred approach will allow individuals who are both work ready and those further from the labour market to receive appropriate support.

 The operation will therefore contribute to the Programme level common result indicators of:

  • NEET Participants (16-24 years of age) gaining qualifications upon leaving
  • NEET Participants (16-24 years of age) in education/training upon leaving
  • NEET Participants (16-24 years of age) entering employment upon leaving