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The information contained below provides a summary of the local authority’s Home To School Transport (HTST) Policy for academic year 2015/16.


The local authority is required to publish its HTST policy for 2016/17 by 1st October 2015. 

The 2016/17 policy has been revised with regards to transport provided to pupils with SEN, a disability and/or a medical condition.

Please note the revised policy set out in section 10 of the 2016/17 policy which replaces sections 10 and 12 in the 2015/16 policy.

HTST Policy 2015/16

Free School Transport beyond walking distances

There is a statutory duty placed upon the Council to provide pupils of compulsory school age (5-16) with free transport to their ‘nearest suitable school’ if they reside beyond the statutory walking distance to that school, which is defined in the Learner Travel (Wales) Measure as 3 miles or more for secondary aged pupils (11-16) and 2 miles or more for primary aged pupils (5-16).

The Council also provides discretionary free school transport, in line with the above distances, for pupils under 5 that are accessing full-time nursery education (2 miles or more) and for post 16 pupils that are accessing their 1st course of full-time study in school/college (3 miles or more). 

The Council’s discretionary powers are also used to provide free transport to pupils attending the nearest voluntary aided school of the parent’s denomination if the distance to school is in accordance with the statutory walking distances referred to above.


Your child must attend his/her ‘nearest suitable school’.

The ‘nearest suitable school’ is the catchment school, or the closest school by distance that meets the needs of the pupil as determined by the local authority (even if the school attended is not maintained by the authority, for example, if it is in a neighbouring LA area).

Post 16 Transport

All students aged 16 years, 17 years or 18 years on September 1st, who are attending a first course of full time study at a college/school may be entitled to free transport if they are required to travel at least three miles in each direction (home to college/school and return) providing the student is attending the nearest appropriate Post 16 provider.

In the case of a student attending one of the following colleges:

  • The College, Merthyr Tydfil
  • Coleg y Cymoedd (Aberdare)
  • Coleg y Cymoedd (Nantgarw)
  • Coleg y Cymoedd (Rhondda)
  • Coleg y Cymoedd (Ystrad Mynach)
  • Bridgend College 
  • Bridgend College (Pencoed)

The student should contact the general office at the college.

It should be noted that the list of eligible colleges is under review and may be changed.

Please Note: Where pupils attend, as a result of parental preference, a school/college other than the nearest suitable school/college, parents/carers will accept full responsibility for transport arrangements. This will involve making all the necessary arrangements and meeting the cost thereof.


These are only issued to eligible pupils. Once you received your pass it must be produced when boarding the appropriate vehicle as contractors have been instructed not to allow any child to travel on a vehicle without one. It is important that this pass is kept safe as there may be a charge for any replacement.

The Home to School Transport Policy provides further information on the following areas:

  • Monitoring and Complaints Procedure
  • Safety
  • Embarkation/Disembarkation
  • Changing Schools
  • Travel Behaviour (please see the Travel Behaviour Code)

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