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School admissions information

The entry of children into schools is controlled and administered by ‘An Admissions Authority’. In the case of community schools, the ‘Admissions Authority is Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. In the case of Church Voluntary aided schools, the Admissions Authority is the governing body of the individual school.

Within Merthyr Tydfil each school has an area that it traditionally serves. Most parents/carers send their child to the ‘local’ school, but some parents exercise their right to state a preference for a different school.

There are two main categories of school admissions, the annual admission round and mid-term admissions.

Annual Admission Round

The annual admission round covers all pupils who are due to change schools in September of each year. This includes:              

  • Admission to the reception class of a school            
  • Transfer from primary school to secondary school

In all cases parents/carers of pupils who are due to change schools during the annual admission round will need to indicate their preferred school. Pupils who live in the catchment area of a school no longer have an automatic right to attend that school unless an application is made.

Parents/carers may further express their right of preference for a Welsh medium school or a church voluntary aided school.  For Faith schools the admission authority is the governing body of the school.  Where the appropriate admissions authority is the governing body of the school, parents are advised to contact the school directly for details.  In Merthyr Tydfil these schools are:

  • St Aloysius R C Primary School
  • St Illtyd's R C Primary School
  • St Mary's R C Primary School
  • Bishop Hedley Catholic High School
Mid Term Admissions

This applies to any requests made by parents to transfer their child from one school to another outside the annual admission round. If you would like to transfer schools please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 01685 725000.

In year school admissions relate to a child changing school outside of the usual transfer cycle. This page applies to admissions for mainstream schools and academies only. Applications for special schools need to be made through the Special Educational Needs department for further advice please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 01685 725000.

Most commonly, this will happen where the family moves house and it is no longer practical for the child or children to travel to their current school on a daily basis. The house move may be in-county (moving from one Merthyr Tydfil address to another, and one Merthyr Tydfil school to another) or the family might be moving from elsewhere into Merthyr Tydfil.

This page tells you how to apply for a school place if you need to move your child to a mainstream school in Merthyr Tydfil.

It is important to consider the following points carefully before making the decision to change your child's school.

  • If your child is experiencing difficulties at their current school and you are considering moving them, it is important you contact your child's teacher for a meeting to try to resolve these issues before moving your child which should always be a last resort.
  • The attainment of pupils who make in-year moves is markedly lower than their peers, and lower still among pupils who make multiple in-year moves.
  • If your child is at a critical stage of their education (in year 10 or 11) it is likely that the school you wish to transfer your child to will not have the same choice of subjects as your child's current school and could be at different stages of teaching the curriculum. If this is the case, any work your child has already done towards their GCSEs may not be able to be used. This could have a seriously damaging effect on your child's exam results.

Please note that you will be responsible for transporting your child to any school you name as a preference.

If it is the school holidays and you are waiting for the result of an in year application you will need to wait until there is somebody available within the School Admissions Team who will be unable to advise you of the outcome.

Our School Inspection Reports

Schools across Wales are subject to inspection by Estyn. Estyn is the office of Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales. You may find this information useful when deciding on a school for your child, and can download a copy of many of our primary and secondary school inspection reports from the Estyn Website.

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