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Additional Learning Needs

For many children with additional learning needs, too many barriers can stand in the way of the right education and support. Within the Schools Department we aim to give all of our children and young people with additional learning needs, including those with special educational needs (SEN), disabilities and those who are More Able and Talented, the opportunity to learn and to succeed.

Parental support guides are available for parents with children and young people with additional and/or special needs. Contact Additional Learning Needs department on 01685 724616

Hearing Impairment- Guide for Pre-School Communication/ Hearing Impairment in Mainstream

  • Visual Impairment
  • Physical Difficulties
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Down's Syndrome
  • Speech and Language
  • More Able and Talented
Basic Skills (Literacy and Numeracy Support)

The Basic Skills service within the LA is committed to providing support for pupils to ‘catch up’ to the literacy and numeracy achievement levels expected of their age group. One-to-one support is provided in all primary schools. Workshops are available for parents, carers and volunteers to inform and demonstrate the literacy and numeracy interventions and strategies used.

A Parents and Carer Training Directory has been developed to outline literacy, numeracy and Additional Learning Needs support from the LA and from a range of agencies.

  • Catch Up Literacy Programme
  • How to support spelling
  • Buddy Reading
  • Reading Strategies

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