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Young carers - support and advice

A Young Carer is someone under the age of 18 years who takes responsibility for someone in their family who is ill, disabled, experiencing mental ill-health or affected by substance misuse. They may be providing all of the care or helping someone else provide care. The nature of the care they provide can be very broad and may include practical care such as household tasks, personal care such as administering medication or emotional support.

Merthyr Young Carers Service provides young carers with a chance to be children and young people through the provision of regular after school-clubs and activity days with others in a similar situation to them, as well as one-to-one support, residential breaks and any other support the young carer and their family may need.

If you are a young carer or you know a young carer living in Merthyr Tydfil and would like to find out more about the help and support available please contact Barnardo’s Young Carers Service on 01685 725171.


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