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The Children with Disability Team

Our Children with Disabilities Team (CWD) supports children and young people under 18 with complex disabilities and their parents or carers to maintain a family life in their home community using a range of support services. 
The social work team works in partnership with families to meet assessed need and the impact of their child's disability. Outcome focused Children in Need Plans are developed for the child and family with other organisations such as health and education. These set out the help that will be provided for the child and family.

The team supports young people aged 16 to 18 who are in transition to early adulthood. This transition work is completed in close partnership with adult services and other partner agencies.

Assessment of Need

The Intake and Early Assessment team complete an assessment to establish how a disabled child’s needs can be best met. This will look at:

  • Child's needs for support
  • Parents or carers capacity and needs because they are providing high levels of care
  • Support your family and child are receiving from other family members and their community

If the child meets the eligibility criteria for the Children with Disabilities Team support

What support may be available?

Once the social worker understands your child and family needs they can offer advice and guidance, refer to other organisations, some of which may be community based and or provide services that will help share some of the caring you do. (See short break services below)

  • Occupational therapy

The CWD Team (as well as other professionals) can refer to the Community Occupational Therapy Service (COTS). This service aims to maximise independence and to reduce the effects of disability. The occupational therapists undertake specialised assessments for children and their carers and may recommend minor aids or adaptations to a child's home, they may advise on alternative techniques to help a child develop, or restore and maintain functional skills. They also carry out moving and handling and risk assessments to highlight the need for specialised equipment and provide training and advice.

Asking for help and support

You can ask for help by contacting the Intake and Early Team on 01685 724500. When a referred child has a disability they provide an assessment allowing them to understand the child’s needs and the unique situation the child and their family are experiencing.

Carer’s Assessments

Parents and carers are eligible for an assessment of their own needs. This assessment will enable a social worker to better understand the level of care that  a parent or carer provides.

Short break services

Short breaks enable parents and carers to have time for themselves, to spend time with siblings or other people they care for or opportunities that may be open to them. This can be a few hours during the day, evening or sometimes overnight. During this time the child has an enjoyable and stimulating time. Specific outcomes for the child will also be discussed with the family.

Services include:

  • Nursery provision
  • Childminding
  • Sessional support through our leisure link service
  • Direct payments
  • Disability sport
  • Bridging the Gap service for the over 10s
  • Barnardo’s Young Carers
  • Sitting Service
  • Access to independent advocacy

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