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Foster Children Case Studies

Here are some examples of the range of children who need to live with a foster family.

The examples are not of actual children but of general circumstances which often arise.

In all of these cases the children need a safe and nurturing home while planning takes place to establish the best place for each of them in the long term.

Huw is a 2 month old baby

He has been taken into care because his parents are not able to look after him at the moment and he has been neglected. He needs to live with a foster carer while the courts make decisions about his future.

His care plan could involve returning home back to his parents, living with other members of his birth family, or finding adoptive parents for him.

A foster carer will need to stay at home to look after Jamie. All the baby equipment will be provided.

Poppy is 6 years old, her sister Sarah is 4 years old and her brother Benny is 3 years old

Poppy, Sarah and Benny are very close to each other and need a family that can look after all of the children as a group until they are ready to move back to their birth parents, other family members or adoptive parents.

The children are in care because of alleged parental neglect and abuse. They are delayed in their development and Poppy seems to be used to looking after Sarah and Benny all the time. They are bright, healthy children who are making good progress at school and have the potential to be rewarding children to look after.

Megan is 11 years old

Megan has been living with short term foster carers for the last 10 months due to serious neglect at home. It's now been decided that she could not get the care she needs if she returned home.

Megan needs a family who can make a long-term commitment to offer her a permanent foster home until she is old enough and ready to move into independent living. She will see her parents at every school holiday - she really looks forward to this contact, though also finds it difficult to understand why she can't live with her birth family.

She likes school where she gets extra support because she does find it hard to concentrate. She is very artistic and enjoys anything creative.

Rhys is 14 years old

Rhys is a healthy teenager but he has moderate learning difficulties and has been assessed as having cognitive level of a six or seven year old. Sometimes Rhys can display behavioural difficulties.

His parents have been unable to care for him for a long time and he has lived with different relatives. His grandma, who he lives with at the moment, is very ill and frail, and Rhys needs to be with a foster family who can look after him on a permanent basis.

He will need to have regular contact with his grandma and occasionally, his dad. Rhys loves school where he gets extra help. He is lively and he really enjoys sports. He is interested in his appearance and likes to look smart. He is very responsible towards pets and would love there to be pets in his new family. 

Emma is 16 years old

After her parents split up when she was 12, Emma started to have a lot of problems in getting on with her step-parent and a year ago she started moving from relative to relative.

There is no other member of the family with whom she can stay. Emma likes to act as if she doesn't need help from anyone, but she is able to say she is scared about what's going to happen in the future and she wants to be able to live with foster carers who will help her to learn skills that she will need to live independently. 

Emma is a high achiever in school and is likely to go to University.

Macauley is 9 years old

Macauley is a lively child whose parents find him quite exhausting to look after because he is autistic and needs constant one to one care and supervision. They have two other children who love their brother, but really would benefit from having some time with their mum and dad without Macauley. 

Macauley’s difficulties mean that he doesn't get much social life apart from his family, so he would benefit from spending time once a month with short break foster carers who would introduce him to different social activities when he comes to stay. Macauley is a football fan.

Macauley needs to stay with short break foster carers once a month - Friday to Sunday.

This is a real account from a 13 Year Old looked after child who has given permission for her story to be told

I am 13 years old and have been in the care system from the age of 5. I lived with my Mother, Sister and Brother. I can remember the first night I spent away from my family. I had lots of emotions, some of being frightened and confused. It’s like taking the wrong bus and ending up in the wrong place. 

When I went to my first foster home, which was one of three, I can remember my social worker taking me to meet these two strangers. All I could think about was my Brother and Sister and where they were going to go. My time spent with my first carers was brief; however I soon made myself at home and part of the family. As this was a short term foster placement social services found me a long term foster placement soon after.

Once I moved into my second placement I was nervous even though I had moved before, it was just the thought of moving again. I didn’t have a very good relationship with my carers at the time so, I moved to my third and last placement which I have been with for four years. I have settled down really well and made myself at home with an amazing foster family that I know will look after me and gives me the care that my biological family couldn't.

Some people and families say that being in care is all bad, but it’s not. They give to you what every child deserves, which is a family and the care that comes with it. When I get to the age of eighteen I know that I can look back at the brilliant memories that I have had in foster care and to thank all the carers that looked after me and who gave me not only a roof over over my head but, a home to come to.

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