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Role of a Foster Carer

Foster carers come from all walks of life. To be a foster carer you need to have a genuine interest in caring for vulnerable children whilst having patience and time to spend with a child to support them as they grow.

You will need to have:
  • A real interest in helping local children and their families
  • Time to devote to the needs of the child
  • Time throughout the working day to attend to the needs of the child
  • Energy and an enthusiastic attitude with children
  • A secure and stable home environment
  • A spare bedroom for a foster child, who should have a room of their own.
Other qualities needed are:
  • Patience and an understanding of children’s needs as they develop
  • An ability to accept the child and their circumstances; past and present
  • Good communication skills to help children understand and learn
  • Self-confidence and good literacy skills as you will need to be able to keep written records of your foster child’s day-to-day life and to help them focus on their educational targets. You will need to take part in meetings from time to time. 
Working with other professional people and contribute to the Departments planning for the child/young person
  • Being willing to meet the child’s parents and family, encouraging regular contact with them to help the child return home
  • Receiving, giving and storing information including writing agreements, planning and record keeping
  • Communicating effectively
  • Keeping information confidential
    Promoting equality, diversity and rights of individuals and groups within society.
Expressing an Interest

If you would like more information or if you would like a member of our Fostering Team to contact you to discuss matters, please complete our Foster Carers Application of interest form.


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