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Types of Fostering Placements

Some children will need to be cared for on a short term basis while other children may need to be cared for longer term, even until they are ready to move on to independence.

Short Term Fostering

Some children need to be looked after just for a short period often returning to their own homes afterwards.

We need carers who we can be approached at short notice to accept a child or children into their homes and to care for them during the distressing period of separation from their families.

We need carers who can help support planning aimed at returning children to the care of their parents, e.g. by allowing frequent contact between the parents and children.

We need carers who can help us keep brothers and sisters together as much as possible irrespective of how long they are accommodated in local authority care.

Long Term Fostering

Some children for many reasons will be unable to return to their families for several years. These children very much need the stability of a long term home.

We need foster carers who can provide stability and a warm secure home environment where a child can develop happily and healthily throughout life.

We need foster families who can offer long term commitment which is usually until the child is ready to live independently after they have reached the age of 18.

We need foster families who will help build a child’s self-esteem and their independent living skills in order that they may maximise their potential.

Specialist Foster Homes

Some children have particular behavioural and emotional difficulties as a result of their life experiences, which could include specific learning or physical needs.

These children may need a foster family with particular skills, and extra patience who understand of the needs of the particular child.

Some teenagers, like all children, can come with added emotional difficulties owing to their age and natural development. We are seeking families with the skills and patience to care for these teenagers working with social workers to help them through their difficult adolescent years.

We need foster carers who can accept support and value children for being the individuals that they are and who can help us build on a child’s self esteem to maximise their potential.

Further details are available on ways to help a child with a disability on our Short Breaks page.

Supported Lodgings

Sometimes we need families who are able to offer supported lodgings for young people, bridging the gap between fostering and independent living, which occur between the ages of 18 onwards.

By offering supported lodging you will work with us to help plan with young people and support them as they move towards independence.

Carers are expected to offer advice, guidance, and support, giving the young person that added confidence they need to make the necessary transitions thus taking on more responsibility for themselves.  This could include supporting the young person in accessing further education, training, or employment opportunities.

Respite Fostering

Sometimes families need help and support, on a regular short term basis usually less than 4 weeks at a time which can facilitate their ongoing care of the children owing to the extra support.
Foster carers also need occasional breaks in order to allow them to continue to care for their foster children; usually this break is less than 2 weeks.

Emergency Placements

This is where you will provide a child with somewhere safe to live overnight for a short time, which is usually less than a month. However, this can extend depending on the complexities of the family difficulties that the child is experiencing.

Expressing an Interest

If you would like more information or if you would like a member of our Fostering Team to contact you to discuss matters, please complete our Foster Carers Application of interest form.

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