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Registered Childminders

Reasons to choose a registered childminder

Personal service

Your child will be cared for in a home environment. Childminders can care for children aged 0 – 14 years and can provide support for families as children grow up.

Childminders can work flexible hours

Some childminders work evenings and weekends.

Adaptable - an unexpected sunny or snowy day is a great opportunity for outdoor play and learning.

Real Life Learning

Children looked after by a registered childminder enjoy real-life experiences like cooking, shopping, gardening, mealtimes and outings to the park and library.

Part of the Community

Registered childminders can take children to playgroups, after school clubs and more. Childminders are part of the local community too and can take account of its varying cultural needs.

By law childminders must be registered with The Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW) and have a written agreement with parents.

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