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Parenting groups and support

Your role as a parent can be difficult and challenging, yet it can also be one of the most rewarding. We aim to ensure that those with parental responsibilities have the necessary skills and confidence and are actively engaged, in supporting the physical, emotional/social and educational development of their children so that the family can enjoy positive and meaningful lives.

The Parent Support Service is here to give advice, tips, information and guidance on various aspects of your child's development. Through group and one to one support we cover a range of topics aimed at helping parents of children and young people aged 0 – 16.  

Some of the topics we cover are;


Parents will learn how to communicate effectively with their children. Whether it is a baby that constantly cries, a 4 year old who continually whines or a teenager with whom they constantly engage in yelling matches, parent support will give techniques to assist parents and carers in their situation. Groups will develop non-aggressive means of responding as well as stress management techniques to help parents stay calm, cool and in control. Communication between parents is also important, as they must present a united front to provide consistent and effective care.


As parents we want our children to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. So the natural thought is to send them to the “time out” corner or up to their room to “think about what they’ve done.” Except sometimes they don’t and they’re going to keep doing the same behaviours despite the punishment. So how do you know how to discipline your child in a positive way? Learning the best techniques for positive discipline with children and young will covered as part of the service the Parent Support team will offer. Parent Support Workers can also assist parents in laying out household rules and consequences


Parents must also set boundaries with their children. This may refer to the manner in which a toddler constantly states his mind through use of the word "no," a teen will not attend school or refuses to wear their uniform. Parents must lay out rules and consequences to keep their child from making mistakes and engaging in dangerous activities.

For further information and a full list of Programmes available please contact the Local Parent Support Service on 01685 724720 or alternatively Please visit our website at

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