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Youth Support Projects

The 'Think Family' Youth Support project supports families who demonstrate multiple issues within tier 2 / borderline 3 of the Merthyr Tydfil tier model. The primary focus of the Youth Support project is to provide support to the young people within the family, aged 10 - 18 years, to recognise and resolve their risky, challenging and disruptive behaviour.

The Youth Support project aims to improve the relationships within the family environment and prevent escalations of family breakdown or statutory interventions while responding to the following needs:

  • Improving the skills of young people and their families to identify and resolve issues associated with risky behaviour.
  • Reducing the number of first time entrants into the criminal justice system.
  • Supporting the reduction of part-time exclusions and full-time exclusions within schools.

Young people displaying risky, challenging and disruptive behaviour will be allocated a Key Worker following a referral from the Multiple Interventions Assistance (MIA) Panel. The Key Worker will adopt all of the agreed MIA toolkit processes and practice. The Youth Support project provides a range of interventions to the young person and their family and adopts a co-ordinated Team around the Family (TAF) approach when required. The interventions are based upon the outcome of the assessment process and the agreed Family Support Plan.

The Youth Support project, due to its funding from Families First, is not able to accept referrals from any other source other than those allocated through the MIA Panel.

The Youth Support project works in close partnership with Children Services and has an agreed escalation procedure.

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