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Welsh Government 30-hour Education/Childcare Offer

Welsh Government recognises that affordable, available, and accessible childcare enables parents to work, supporting its drive to increase economic growth, tackle poverty and reduce inequalities.

Welsh Government is committed to providing 30 hours a week of combined early education and childcare for working parents of three and four year olds, for up to 48 weeks of the year.

From January 2019, Merthyr Tydfil will be the engagement authority for the Offer and the Offer will be available in all areas across the borough.

Please note: The 30 hour childcare offer will be administered by RCT, who are the delivery authority for the programme.  They will be responsible for processing applications from parents, determining eligibility and informing them of the outcome.  They will also process and make payments to childcare providers for the delivery of the Offer.

Information for Parents
Information for Childcare providers
List of providers that have signed up to the offer
Where can I find out more about the childcare offer?

Visit the Welsh Government web page where you can find out more about the childcare offer and answer some short questions   

You can also contact the Welsh Government at any time with your views:


Childcare Offer Team
Welsh Government
Cathays Park - 2nd Floor North
Cardiff, CF10 3NQ

Social Media: Look for the hashtag to join in the conversation online #TalkChildcare     

Other ways of feeding in your views

Family Information Service:  The Family Information Service (FIS) is the first point of contact for advice and information on local services for families and carers.  There is a FIS in every local authority. The FIS provide free, impartial help, support and advice on a range of family issues including childcare, help with costs of childcare, and leisure services


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