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Aspire Merthyr Tydfil

Aspire QuickStart programme

The SPF funded Aspire QuickStart programme is a subsidised 6-month supported employment programme that will help develop participant’s skills and confidence. The programme aims to help those furthest from the labour market to get motivated within the world of employment, experiencing fantastic training opportunities along the way.

The Aspire Shared Apprenticeship Programme

The Aspire Shared Apprenticeship Programme offers apprenticeships in any sector ranging from Level 2 to Degree level. Full mentoring support is provided throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. The Aspire Shared Apprenticeship offers both the Apprentice and the Host company a unique experience in order to maximise the apprentice journey.

Children Looked After - Pathway to Work Programme

Children Looked After - Pathway to Work Programme is funded by Merthyr Tydfil CBC and the SPF Levelling Up Fund. The Pathway to Work programme Provides employment, mentoring, training and educational support for Children Looked After and Young Care leavers aged 14-25. The Pathway to Work QuickStart initiative offers secure, subsidised employment for a 6-month period in any sector that suits the needs and aspirations of the participant. 

Ewch Amdani

This project aims to provide educational and life experience opportunities for our School aged Children Looked After, linking in with the world of business and education.

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