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UK Community Renewal Fund

  1. About the Fund:

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council are now seeking applications that are circa £500,000 to the new UK Community Renewal Fund which aims to support people and communities most in need across the UK, creating opportunities to trial new approaches and innovative ideas at the local level.

The fund, which is made-up of 90% revenue funding is focussed around assisting voluntary / community organisations in creating opportunities and trialling new approaches and innovative ideas in Merthyr Tydfil.

Applications are expected to build upon local insight and knowledge that also align with long-term strategic plans for local growth, targeting people most in need whilst supporting community renewal.

  1. Level of Funding Available:

The UK Community Renewal Fund will provide £220 million of additional funding over 2021-2022 to help the UK Government to move smoothly away from the EU structural fund programme and prepare for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

Merthyr Tydfil’s allocation will be capped at £3m with the Council anticipates supporting a range of projects by theme and size, but applicants are encouraged to maximise impact and deliverability through larger projects (£500,000+) where this is possible.

90% of funding available through the UK Community Renewal Fund is predominantly, or exclusively revenue based with all projects being financially completed (i.e. all delivery activity concluded) by the 31st March 2022.

Match funding is encouraged, but not mandatory.

  1. Investment Priorities:

It is anticipated that proposed projects must deliver activities that are line with the UK Community Renewal Fund Prospectus (which can be found below in the ‘Key Documents’ section) and align with at least one of the investment priorities below:

  •  Investment in skills
  • Investment for local business
  • Investment in communities and place
  • Supporting people into employment
  1. Eligibility Criteria:

The following organisations are eligible to apply for the Community Renewal Fund:

  •  Local district councils
  • Voluntary and community sector organisations
  • Local education providers such as universities and colleges.
  • Umbrella business groups.
  1. How to Apply:

Microsoft Word versions of the UKCRF Application are available from the link at the very bottom of this webpage or can be sent directly to applicants if you request one from the Council using Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding the fund then please direct these to the email address provided.    

Bids must be submitted using the UK Community Renewal Fund application form (which can be found below in the ‘Key Documents’ section). Bids submitted in any other format will not be accepted. Bids must be submitted to us by email:   

Bids must be submitted by midnight on Monday 24th May 2021.

  1. Timescales:
Date Milestone:
Current Open invite for project proposals
Midnight on Monday 24th May 2021 Application submission deadline
Between 25th May to 8th June 2021

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council will assist project proposals including:

  •  Processing of eligible applications
  • Appraisal, selection and prioritisation of projects
  • Final priority project shortlist agreed
Friday 18th June 2021 Portfolio of projects submitted to UK Government
Late July 2021 UK Government shortlists and approve project submissions
Early August 2021 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council contacts successful applicants
Early August 2021 Projects commence
Mid-December 2021 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council undertakes a mid-term review of projects
Mid February 2022 Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council undertakes a mid-term review of projects
31st March 2022 Official completion of all UK Community Renewal Fund projects
  1. The Role of MTCBC:

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council are responsible for inviting project proposals from a range of local applicants.

The Council’s role is to appraise all of applications received and produce a shortlist of projects for an eventual submission to UK Government for assessment and approval, by noon 18 June 2021.

Following this, UK Government will enter into a funding agreement with successful Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council to deliver those approved bids.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council will then issue agreements to successful applicants once funding has been agreed by UK Government, and then undertake monitoring and assurance activity.

  1. Assessment Criteria:

All projects will be assessed against the following strategic fit considerations:

  • Level of contribution to local needs articulated in relevant local plans and with evidence of local support
  • Level of contribution to an investment priority
  • The extent of contribution to net zero objectives, or wider environmental considerations (not applicable to employment support interventions)
  • The extent to which the project can inform UK Shared Prosperity Fund through transferable learning or opportunity to scale up for local partners and UK government

The extent to which the project demonstrates innovation in service delivery, through:

  • Introducing new delivery approaches (for example, trialling new modes of delivery)
  • Integrated approaches across policy themes or
  • Collaboration across more than one place

Deliverability, Effectiveness, and Efficiency:

All proposed projects will be assessed against the following deliverability, effectiveness and efficiency considerations:

  • That it can be delivered as proposed by March 2022 with realistic milestones identified
  • Project risks have been identified and are adequately mitigated, including project-level management controls
  • The applicant sets out an efficient mode of delivery, taking account of the level of innovation proposed and will operate at an appropriate scale.
  1. Key Documents:
No. Document Name: Description:
1 Prospectus - UKCRF Provides an overview of the fund, its investment priorities and delivery arrangements
2 Prospectus (Welsh) - UKCRF Mae'n darparu trosolwg o'r gronfa, ei blaenoriaethau buddsoddi a'i threfniadau cyflenwi

Application Form - UKCRF

A standardised Application Form to be used by all applicants to the UK Community Renewal Fund from across the UK. This also includes guidance to applicants on answering questions
4 Application Form (Welsh) - UKCRF Ffurflen Gais safonol i'w defnyddio gan bob ymgeisydd i Gronfa Adnewyddu Cymunedol y DU o bob rhan o'r DU. Mae hyn hefyd yn cynnwys arweiniad i ymgeiswyr ar ateb cwestiynau
5 Technical Note for Project Applicants & Deliverers - UKCRF Provides information on who can apply, what the fund can support, excluded activities, branding, monitoring and fund indicators
6 Technical Note for Project Applicants & Deliverers (Welsh) - UKCRF Mae'n darparu gwybodaeth ar bwy all wneud cais, yr hyn y gall y gronfa ei gefnogi, gweithgareddau wedi'u heithrio, brandio, monitro a dangosyddion cronfa
7 Assessment Criteria - UKCRF Describes the assessment process that will be used by UK
8 Assessment Criteria (Welsh) - UKCRF Yn disgrifio'r broses asesu a fydd yn cael ei defnyddio gan y DU
9 Privacy Notice - UKCRF Explains the applicant’s rights and give you the information you are entitled to under the Data Protection Act 2018
10 Privacy Notice (Welsh) - UKCRF Yn egluro hawliau'r ymgeisydd ac yn rhoi'r wybodaeth y mae gennych hawl iddi o dan Ddeddf Diogelu Data 2018

More information about the Community Renewal Fund can be found on the link below: