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Social Media Community Guidelines

Please read our community guidelines, which are in place to keep people safe.

At Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, we use our social media accounts as an official information and announcement space for those living, working and interested in learning more about Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council.

The social media channels are managed and updated by the Corporate Communications Team, which coordinates and moderates the content and comments.

The Council wants residents to be aware of key messages and decisions which affect them. Our social media pages are designed to be an accessible space where residents can see and engage with this information.

The Council has a duty of care to make sure that its social media pages are safe spaces for all its audiences. It must ensure that all content is appropriate.

Please read our community guidelines, which are in place to keep people safe. If any of these guidelines are not followed and respected, the Council will act immediately.

Community Guidelines

1) Do not make targeted or personal attacks. Any abusive, inflammatory or inappropriate communication (trolling) will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban.

2) Do not post content that is discriminatory, obscene, inflammatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, profane or personally abusive.

3) Do not post anything that could be libellous or defamatory.

4) Do not post content which is inappropriate or explicit.

5) Do not post repeatedly about issues that are irrelevant i.e. spam.

6) Do not impersonate someone or use an anonymous account.

7) Do not discuss ongoing legal proceedings.

8) Do not post political comments/promotion or use our social media accounts for political debate.

Violating these rules will result in us deleting your post and blocking your account from our social media accounts without warning. In serious cases, we may report a post or account to the police.

Pre-election periods
Our accounts are non-political, and we ask users to respect this and understand that we cannot engage in any political debate. In the six-week run-up to an election (Local, Senedd or General Elections), councils have to be especially careful not to do or say anything that could be seen in any way to support a political party or candidate. During this time, we may have to remove posts if they are construed as party political or inflammatory.

Social Media Accounts
Our Facebook, X, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tik Tok channels are moderated Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am-5pm.

If you have any queries or need to report any inappropriate behaviour, please contact

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