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Financial Information

The Council operates a centralised Accountancy support service with all statutory accountancy duties the responsibility of the Accountancy Division.


To provide all services and stakeholders of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council with reliable, timely and meaningful financial information and advice to assist them in achieving both their individual and corporate objectives, whilst complying with Government legislation in ensuring that financial statutory requirements are fulfilled.


The Division’s main responsibilities include:

  • Co-ordination of the County Borough Council’s annual budgetary process, involving a close working relationship with every service of the Authority. This includes both the Revenue Estimates and Capital Programme. 
  •  Development and monitoring of the County Borough Council's Medium Term Financial Plan.
  • Compilation and production of revenue and capital budgetary monitoring statements. Monthly reports are prepared for Service Managers and the Budget Board with quarterly statements reported to formal public meetings of the Council’s Cabinet.
  • Closure of the Council’s annual financial accounts including the publication of the annual Statement of Accounts. This public document, outlining the annual financial health of the Council, is reported to elected Members of the Council and is subject to independent scrutiny by auditors external to the Council.
  • Compilation and publication of the Council’s annual Treasury Management Policy Statement and Annual Investment Strategy where activities concerning the management of the Council’s cash flows, banking, money market and capital market transactions are defined.
  • Maintaining and updating the Council’s financial management systems, financial coding structure and asset management system. 
  • Completion of statutory grant claims and financial statistical returns in respect of both governmental and non-governmental bodies ensuring that the Council’s potential available funding is maximised.
  • Representation on Council Corporate Working Groups to advise on financial matters, including the Budget Board and Transformation Programme Board. 
  • Administration of the Council’s vehicle and equipment finance and operating leasing procedures.
  • Protecting the Council's financial security by efficiently and professionally administering submitted insurance claims, ensuring the availability of quality management information for analysis and ensuring the adequacy of cover within the defined insurance strategy. 

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