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Record Ref : FOI 8103
Date Recieved : 12/08/2020
Date Completed : 08/09/2020
Organisation : Private Individual
Application Type : Private Individual
Category : Planning Applications

The proposed housing development in the area between Walhead Road and Oak Tree Rise. I would like to request information on any studies conducted on the capacity of Twynrodyn School for the additional children that this may bring. I would also like to know how many new houses there will be and what proportions will be affordable housing Finally I would like to see any impact studies done relating to this new development please


No specific studies in relation to this issue have been carried out as part of these development proposals, at this time. Information relating to this issue may be requested when a planning application is formally submitted. Work is ongoing across departments of the Council in order to ensure that children from both existing and proposed residential developments can be accommodated in appropriate educational facilities.

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