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#BeMightyRecycle 5 quick recipes to save money and power up the Six Nations!

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  • 26 Feb 2024
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Did you know that food waste can be turned into renewable energy? It’s a crazy thought, but if everyone in Wales recycled just one banana skin, it could create enough energy to power the Principality Stadium floodlights for almost 10 days. And it would take just 47 recycled teabags to generate enough electricity to power a TV for 80 minutes – enough time to watch both halves of a game!

And turning food waste into power isn’t the only reason to make your food go further. Another is that you save money! A quarter of the average household rubbish bin is made up of food, and shockingly, over 80% of it could have been eaten. This costs the average household almost £50 a month – that’s a whopping £600 a year.

So, we’re going to show you how you can save money by using up all the remaining food from your fridge by whipping up some pre-match grub, and help create renewable energy for fellow rugby fans by recycling the bits you can’t eat. Here are five flexible, delicious and nutritious recipe ideas you can dish up to friends and family before kick-off – and all the bits you can recycle to help power up the Six Nations!

1. Jazzed-up pan omelette

Pep up a basic omelette with any veg, spuds and meat that need using up – grated onion, peppers and courgette make a colourful combo, but anything goes! Simply chop up and cook any veg and meat you want to include and then add the whisked egg, sprinkle with cheese and grill until golden. Yum!

Remember to recycle: eggshells, onion skin, pepper core, other inedible vegetable stalks or peelings

2. Roast chicken fajita

Fight food waste with fajitas! They’ll take virtually any veg that needs using up – think mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, grated carrot or leftover roasted veggies. Season with your favourite fajita spices (a pre-mixed pack is fine!), throw in your leftover roast chicken and heat until piping hot. Enjoy in wraps or on jacket potatoes with a dollop of sour cream, grated cheese and guacamole. Yum!

Remember to recycle: chicken bones, pepper core, carrot tops and other inedible vegetable stalks or peelings

3. One-pot pasta

Minimum washing up, maximum flavour! Start this versatile meal by frying your leftover meat and/or veggies – think grated carrots, sliced leeks, diced peppers and mushrooms, or anything else lying around in the fridge. Then simply add your favourite pasta sauce (Pesto? Tomato? Your choice!), cook until piping hot and serve with grated cheese – et voilà!

Remember to recycle: the root end of the leek, carrot tops, inedible vegetable stalks or peelings, meat bones.

4. Epic cheese toastie

In Wales, we know a thing or two about an epic cheese toastie – our rarebit is one of the foods we’re best known for, after all – but you can upgrade this awesome comfort snack into a still more marvellous meal. Just about any fridge-based ‘bits and bobs’ will elevate your toastie – think lonely vegetables such as tomatoes, leeks and peppers, cooked meat or ham, or even a spoon or two of last night’s leftover curry or chilli. Dish up with a side of salady bits from your fridge.

Remember to recycle: tomato stalks, pepper core, root end of leek, other inedible vegetable stalks or peelings.

5. Yoghurt sundae

A healthy dessert even the kids will love! Get creative with the last pieces of fruit by layering up yoghurt between thin slices of banana, apple (no need to peel!) or any other fruit that needs using up. Sprinkle with crunchy granola or crushed up biscuits and a drizzle of honey and be prepared for demands for seconds.

Remember to recycle: banana skin, apple cores, inedible fruit peelings

For more on making your food go further and to discover how recycled food waste creates energy visit Wales Recycles.

You can also join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #BeMightyRecycle – let us know what pre-match food you’re dishing up this Six Nations tournament!

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