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Caedraw schoolchildren help the homeless with ‘Crisp Packet Project’

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  • 22 Dec 2022
Caedraw Blanket

The children of Caedraw Primary School have been selflessly working on an innovative and unique project, with the aim of helping the homeless in Merthyr Tydfil. The project works by taking empty crisp packets and sheets of plastic and transforming them into blankets.

Miss Fleet, Year 3 teacher and Mrs Geake, Year 5 teacher are the Humanities Leads/Eco-coordinators at Caedraw Primary School. They initially saw the 'Crisp Packet Project' online and when they shared it with the Eco-Committee and Eco-Club, made up of Year 2-Year 6 learners, the children couldn’t wait to get involved.

Miss Fleet said: “As soon as the children learned of the Crisp Packet Project they were so eager to get started. We began by sharing our plans via Facebook and asking for donations of crisp packets. We were sent a huge amount from all over the UK - and even as far away as South Africa!

“They’ve worked collaboratively to reuse recycled crisp packets to create insulated blankets, which have been donated to our local homeless shelter, for those most in need.

“The children have been so engaged with this project, showing great empathy and compassion to help others. We are so proud of their efforts.”

Some of the children shared why the project was so important to them:

"Knowing I kept someone warm this winter made me feel warm, too." Florence Phillips, Year 5.

"It felt good to do something nice for others. I hope it will help them stay warm." Livvie Lewis, Year 3. 

Merthyr Tydfil Homelessness Champion Cllr Claire Jones said: “Who would have thought crisp packets could be used to make a blanket that protects sleeping bags, retains heat, keeps individuals dry and helps to reduce the amount of single use plastic going to landfill?

It’s a wonderful idea, and the heartfelt and meaningful messages the children have written on the blankets truly demonstrates how much they care.

“The Merthyr Homeless Outreach and Providing Help to Merthyr Tydfil Homeless and Less Fortunate groups are so grateful to the Eco-Committee and cannot thank the children and staff at Caedraw enough.”

Just a small selection of the heart-warming messages written on the blankets by the children are:
- How do you spell love? You don’t spell it, you feel it.
- We love to help people.
- I hope this will keep you cosy, god bless you.

Why not get involved in your own Crisp Packet Project? Learn more about founder, Pen Huston, who started this innovative and unique mission in November 2019. For ideas, advice and instructions please visit:

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