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Council consulting on road safety plans for schools

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  • 30 Jun 2022
Caedraw Active Travel changes

The Council is consulting residents about plans to make changes on the highway at two primary schools because of road safety concerns.

Residents of Caedraw Road outside St Mary’s Catholic and Caedraw Primary schools have been written to and asked to take part in a survey on proposals to create a better highway environment.

Concerns have been raised about road safety at the location due to the number of cars parking on pavements on a road that has access only restrictions.

The plans include providing an ‘on road’ cycle lane, prohibition of waiting, loading and unloading at any time, and the addition of ‘school keep clear’ notices, as well as maintaining the existing parking for taxis. 

A grant for the work has been received from the Welsh Government Active Travel Fund, with the aim of improving the facilities for pedestrians and cyclists and improving the environment for residents.

Please email any comments to by Sunday 1 August 2022.  

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