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  • 01 Hyd 2020

Service changes

Temporary service changes are still in place including:

  • Temporary suspension of elective surgery (with the exception of a very small number of urgent cancer cases which have been clinically prioritised);
  • Diversion of emergency admissions to other hospitals (with exception of children)
  • Diversion of Welsh Ambulance Service (999)patients to other hospitals (with exception of children)
  • There is no change to the self-contained paediatric wards at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital, remain open
  • Mental health services at the hospital remain open



Cases of COVID-19 associated with the outbreak – 89

Deaths associated with COVID-19 – 10

*numbers correct as of 30/9/2020


Additional updates 


A helpline has been set up for anyone who has concerns relating to the COVID outbreak at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

Members of the public can call 01685 726464 between 9am and 4.30pm (Mon – Fri) where a team will be ready to help.


Field Hospital

CTM’s field hospital ‘Ysbyty’r Seren’ will open on Thursday 8th October to provide care for patients away from the district general hospital setting. These will be COVID free patients who are medically fit for discharge but who still require some care needs.  This will help create capacity in our acute settings for our patients needing more specialist care.


Prince Charles Hospital 

We have 22 confirmed cases of COVID at Prince Charles Hospital. We have one ward closed and strict infection prevention and control procedures are being followed.  We have also increased our testing in the hospital.


CTM UHB statement

Director of Public Health for CTM Prof Kelechi Nnoaham commented, “Temporary restrictions to services at the Royal Glamorgan hospital will remain in place until we are absolutely sure that we have contained the spread of the virus on the site. The opening of our field hospital next week will create capacity at the hospital for patients who need the most specialist care, and enable others to relocate to a COVID free setting. Alongside Public Health Wales, we are continually reviewing the situation, and acknowledge the major impact that our decisions are having on our patients, our communities, and our staff. We thank everyone for working with us at this challenging time.

“The number of cases at Prince Charles Hospital are unlinked to the cases at Royal Glamorgan Hospital.

“The safety of our patients and staff across all of our sites remains our first priority and we remain grateful to all members of our community who are continuing to adhere to the guidance in order to help control the spread of this virus.”

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