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Statement on the Council's current position on Ffos-Y-Fran

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  • 31 May 2023

Statement on the Council's current position on Ffos-Y-Fran:


On Wednesday 24th May 2023, following independent legal advice, an Enforcement Notice was issued to Merthyr (South Wales) Ltd and any other persons with an interest in the land at Ffos-Y-Fran. The notice requires the following:

(i)      Cease the extraction of coal from the land.

(ii)     Cease carrying out development at the land under the planning permission granted on 6 May 2011, other than wholly in accordance with the approved restoration and management strategy.

The notice will take effect on 27th June 2023 (a statutory period of at least 28 days is required) unless an appeal is made to the Planning Inspector before this date.

Once the notice has taken effect the developer has 28 days to comply. Failure to do so within this time may lead to a further escalation of enforcement action.



The operator of the mine is in early discussions with the Council to consider a revised restoration strategy.

Motocross event

It has recently been brought to our attention that a Motocross event is to take place on the Ffos-Y-Fran site this weekend (3 & 4 June).

The temporary use of the land for motor racing falls within ‘Permitted Development’ (which means it does not require planning permission) for a period of up to 14 days per calendar year.

Although the Council has no control over the event because it’s taking place on private land, we are liaising with the organisers to look at it from an emergency services perspective and are liaising with the Police, Ambulance and Fire services to ensure a multi-agency approach.

The organisers are expecting 280 participants and over 500 spectators. Traffic measures are being put in place to avoid any backup of traffic from the site.

Further information on the event can be found here:

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