Citizenship ceremonies

What is Citizenship?

From December 31st 2003 it became mandatory for all new British citizens (with the exception of those under 18 years of age) to attend a ceremony (held in the new citizens' local authority) to receive their certificate of naturalization.

The celebratory ceremony is held at Merthyr Tydfil Civic Centre ,hosted by the Superintendent Registrar , in the presence of the Mayor and is intended to be a formal welcome to civic society.

New citizens are required to make an oath or affirmation of allegiance to the Crown by repeating the words from a pledge card (supplied before the ceremony).

The ceremony lasts about 20 minutes during which the certificate of naturalization and welcome pack will be presented. Refreshments are then provided in the Mayor's parlour.

What happens at a citizenship ceremony?


The format of a ceremony is as follows:

  • Formal introduction and welcome from the Superintendent Registrar
  • Local dignitary speech
  • Swearing or affirmation of oath
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Presentation of certificate
  • Signing of Citizenship register
  • Presentation of welcome pack
  • Refreshments served in the Mayor's Parlour for new citizens and guests


Where can I find out more about citizenship?

Visit the Home Office Ceremonies Website for more details.

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