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Youth Support Project

The Youth Support Team delivers a programme of support to young people aged 10-18 on the key issues that they may be experiencing.  The team help young people to consider their behaviour and risk, and support them to make reasoned decisions and take control of their situation: This support includes:

  • Developing the ability of young people to manage personal and social relationships
  • Developing positive attitudes, behaviour and aspirations
  • Protecting young people from the damage caused by exposure to ACEs and other similar experiences
  • Promoting exercise and fitness
  • Positive relationships, raising awareness of sexual health
  • Key messages around health and nutrition
  • Key messages around substance and alcohol misuse
  • Information, advice and guidance tailored to the needs of young people
  • Peer group activities which enable young people to help themselves and each other

The team also delivers a “Resilience Programme” offered through secondary schools, which includes:

A variety of interventions that meet the needs of the young people with a group environment. The sessions focus on:

  • Anger Management
  • Confidence Building & Overcoming Worry
  • Friendships & Internet Safety
  • 3 X Healthy Relationships sessions delivered in partnership with Safer Merthyr Tydfil

For more information please contact Clare Williams on 07800 708720 or email at

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