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Environmental Health Fees and Charges

The Environmental Health Department carries out a variety of services. Some of these have a set fee or a service charge charge. Charges are reviewed on an annual basis.

Services with a fee or charge

  • Domestic and commercial pest control
  • Cosmetic piercing, electrolysis, tattooing, acupuncture
  • Food hygiene re-rating inspections and health certificates
  • Animal impounding
  • Abandoned vehicles removal, storage and disposal
  • Private water supplies risk assessment, sampling
  • Fixed penalty notices
  • Housing notices and immigration reports
  • Contaminated land enquiries
  • Public registers – searches and copies
  • Petroleum licences
  • Mobile Homes Site Licences
  • Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 – Permitted processes

See below for fees and charges 2023/2024.

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