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Smoking ban enforcement

The smoking ban in enclosed public places and vehicles came into force in Wales on the 2nd April 2007 and all enclosed public places and work vehicles including public transportation vehicles are covered by the law.  The law was made because second hand smoke is harmful to people's health.

The law also includes public places that are 'substantially enclosed'.  Further advice on what is meant by 'substantially enclosed' can be obtained from the Public Health Department. 

Persons in control of enclosed areas and vehicles are required to prevent smoking here.  A specific advice sheet has been drafted for taxi services and can be found by clicking on the document to the right of this page.

Authorised enforcement officers of the Council monitor the ban in all enclosed and substantially enclosed places as well as vehicles in order to protect public health.

The maximum fines on prosecution are:

  • Smoking in a smoke-free place £200 maximum
  • Failing to prevent smoking in a smoke-free place £2500 maximum
  • Intentional obstruction of an enforcement officer £1000 maximum

A fixed penalty of £50 will be be issued to any person caught smoking in a smoke-free premise.

Anyone wishing to quit smoking can contact Stop Smoking Wales on 0800 085 2219.

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