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Food business registration

Use this service to register a Food Business. 

Registering your Business

All premises where food is stored, handled or prepared whether for profit or not, are required by law to be registered with the Local Authority.  There is no charge incurred for registering your business. Please find enclosed a food premises registration form which you must complete and return to the Environmental Health Department at the above address within 14 days from the receipt of this letter.

Please note: failure to register your business is an offence for which you are liable to prosecution.

What happens next?

You will receive an unannounced visit from a food safety inspector who will conduct a food hygiene inspection. To help us prioritise our visits and make sure you are given all the food hygiene information you need to run a successful business please complete the food hygiene enforcement questionnaire as well as the food registration form. If you require any additional advice or assistance then do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers below.

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Local Authorities in Wales operate a mandatory Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. It is important that you understand what the scheme means for your business. Following a food hygiene inspection you will be issued with an inspection report and a sticker which will inform you what your food hygiene rating is and, if applicable, what you need to do to improve your score. The sticker must be displayed in a conspicuous place at, or near, each entrance to your food business and your rating will be published on the Food Standards Agency website

This enables the public to know how good food hygiene standards are at your business and make an informed choice about where they choose to eat.

How is my business rated?

The scheme has 6 tiers in ascending order from 0 - 5

The tiers for the rating scheme are:-

0 - Urgent Improvement necessary

1 - Major Improvement necessary

2 - Improvement necessary

3 - Generally Satisfactory

4 - Good

5 - Very Good

Following your first food hygiene inspection your business will be given a numerical rating as detailed above.  You will be provided with a sticker indicating your rating which will remain in place until the premises are next inspected, subject to your rights of appeal which are outlined in the accompanying leaflet, together with your right to reply and  to request  a re rating visit. A charge of £150 must be paid if you wish to apply to have your premises re-rated between routine inspections.

There is no requirement for mobile traders to be licensed but all mobile food businesses must be registered at the address where the vehicle or stall is kept overnight.  For vehicles or stalls kept within the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil, you can register by completing the registration form

For vehicles kept outside the County Borough of Merthyr Tydfil, traders should contact the environmental health department of the local authority to whom they pay Council Tax.