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Permitted Processes

Regulation of Industry

As emissions from industry can significantly affect air quality several control regimes are in place including the following:

  • LAPC (Local Air Pollution Control)
  • LAPPC (Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control)
  • IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)
  • LA-IPPC (Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control)

The Environment Agency regulates the larger industries, which are known as Part A or A1 installations, under the IPPC regime. Local authorities regulate smaller industries which are known as Part B processes or installations and Part A2 installations, under the LAPC, LAPPC AND LA-IPPC regimes.

As part of this regime local authorities 'authorise' or 'permit' all Part B and A2 processes or installations within their area. Each process or installation is regularly inspected by Officers of the Public Health Department to ensure that the conditions of their authorisation or permit are being complied with. An application form is available from the Department or by downloading an Application Form for Permit.

Emissions of gases fumes dusts and odours from these processes or installations are monitored to ensure compliance and to prevent illegal emissions of smoke and invisible pollutants from entering the atmosphere.

The Council is required to keep a public register of the regulated facilities within the Borough containing the information specified in Schedule 19 to the 2007 Regulations. This public register contains details of all Part A1, A2 and B regulated facilities permitted within Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council and can be viewed at the Council’s Civic Centre offices. 

Detailed guidance, Directives and Regulations can be accessed on the Defra website.

We also deal with complaints about nuisances caused by air borne discharges from commercial premises with processes, boilers and waste incinerators as well as dusts etc from construction and similar sites.

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