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Local Land Charges Searches


From 19 July 2022 we will no longer provide a local land charges search service.

After this date, our Local Land Charges Register will have migrated to HM Land Registry’s national register. You will be able to access a new digital service through Portal, Business Gateway and on HM Land Registry’s GOV.UK pages.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council will continue to provide replies to Con29 enquiries.

It is important to remember to only submit the required fee of £90.00 (residential) £96.00 (commercial) when submitting a CON29 enquiry to us after 19 July 2022

For more information visit GOV.UK

The HM Land Registry Local Land Charges Register reveals any legal restrictions which may affect land or property in Merthyr Tydfil.

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council still carries out Local Authority land and property searches via the CON29 and CON29O requests:

What is a Local Authority Search?

A Local Authority Search consists of two parts and an Optional Form for additional enquiries:

CON29R deals with issues such as road schemes, the planning history of the property and environmental matters.

CON29O is an optional form dealing with additional enquiries that may relate specifically to the land/property being searched.

How much does a Local Authority Search cost?

  Residential Commercial 
CON29R £75.00 (plus VAT) £80.00 (plus VAT)
Total £90.00 £16.00 
Enquiries 4 – 21 £11 (plus VAT)  £11 (plus VAT)
Enquiry 22 £16 (plus VAT) £16 (plus VAT)

Who can request a CON29R and CON29O search?

Search requests are usually received from the solicitor or licensed conveyancer acting for the purchaser of a property but anyone can request a search by submitting the correct forms. The forms are available from legal stationers.

Can I order individual enquiries from the CON29R?

No - a CON29R cannot be split into individual enquiries - a full submission must be made along with the appropriate fee.

How long will it take to process my search?

We aim to return searches within seven working days but during very busy periods, a search may take a little longer.  We will do our best to inform you if a delay is expected.

How many forms do I need to submit?

Just one CON29R (and one CON29O if applicable). Duplicates are not required.

Do I need to send any plans of the property?

Yes - we require a plan with the property to be searched clearly outlined.

Can I submit forms via email?

Yes - this is the preferred method of submission that speeds up the process and reduces turnaround time.

Please send a CON29 and plan to   
Payment can be made via BACS.  Please ask for bank details upon submission. The completed search will be sent back to the email address indicated on the forms.

Can I order searches online?

You can send searches to us online through electronic search portals such as National Land Information Service (NLIS), TM Search Choice and InfoTrack . These are companies which provide an electronic service for Local Authority searches and other land and property conveyancing information. Please see the links at the side of this page for further information.

Will the road information reply of the CON29 tell me if all the roads abutting my property are adopted?

Our search reply will only refer to the road named in the property address given in Box 'B' of the CON29. If you wish to have information on any other roads that abut your property you will need to name them in Box 'C' and clearly mark them on your search plan.

Do I send my Commons Registration Search to you?

Yes - you will need to supply a CON29 Optional Enquiry form, ticking Enquiry No 22. The fee for this is £16 (plus VAT).